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Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland

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Students will be able to apply for on-campus accommodation upon receiving their offer letter which will contain their NUIM student number. Students may choose to live in River, Village or Rye Halls. Our

Residence Office looks after the on- and off-campus accommodation. Please visit their website for more information. We work closely with the Residence Office to ensure accommodation is arranged for each student. Students also have the option of a host family.

Cost: Medium
External Funding Available: No
Availability: 2
Academic Dates:

The orientation sessions are compulsory to attend for all students. Students will receive essential information regarding their time at NUIM and will get a chance to meet the International Coordinator of each Department who will sign their module form which will allow them to register officially for their approved classes.

Term dates

1st Semester: end of  September  – end of December
2nd Semester: February –June

Please see Important Dates for information on term dates, study period, holiday dates or examination period.

NB: Students attending NUIM for 1st semester only will not write their exams in January.

They will be officially finished end of December, as exams/assessments are arranged specifically for them. Full year students will follow normal exam procedure and sit exams in January and May.

Course Timetable:

All Study Abroad students are free to choose any modules from our list of available courses found on our website. These must be approved by their home university. Please note some courses have limited spaces available. Students must check there are enough courses on our available courses list that their home university will approve of. Students often have to make changes to their original course choices due to timetable clashes, limited spaces, course no longer being available etc.

Students are allowed to register for max 30 ECTS credits per semester and they will have two weeks after the registration date to change their mind and register new modules.

Program Type: Exchange , Summer school
Language: English
Available Subjects: anthropology , biology , business and entrepreneurship , chemistry , computer science , english literature , economics , french , geography , german , history , international development studies , law , linguistics , mathematics , media and film , music , philosophy , physics , psychology , sociology , spanish , statistics , world literature and culture studies
Travel Information:
Practical Information:

Fact sheet

Visa Requirements:

All Non-EU students are required to register their presence in Ireland with An Garda Síochána (the police). This can only be done after registering as a student at NUIM. Students must have medical insurance plus a financial/bank statement as evidence that they have funds to support themselves while in Ireland. This is currently €1,500 for 1 semester only or €3,000 for a full year. It costs €300 to obtain the GNIB card from the Immigration Officer. Students must obtain their GNIB card before they can travel in Europe.

Summer School Information:


Angela Morris, BIOPS, on exchange in Fall 2015

"As I finish my first official week at Maynooth University in Ireland it dawns on me how quickly I’ve learned to adapt. Absolute strangers just a week ago have now have taken to calling our little group a family. We have stumbled though the confusion of the first week together and learned that the Irish are some of the nicest people you will ever meet! Orientation week was a blast as I got to know the other international students studying here through icebreakers and repeated questions of name, country, and field of study. My first week here I was able to experience the outstanding beauty and culture Ireland has to offer through exploring with friends to events such as Culture Night 2015 in Dublin. With classes starting next week I hope to continue to explore and experience as much as I can while I am here. As they say, carpe diem, seize the day."