Korea University

Korea University

145 Anam-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Korea

Korea University, founded in 1905, is widely acknowledged as one of the country’s oldest, largest and top-ranked universities in Korea. Its reputation for quality is based on excellence in teaching, research and service to Korean society. KU offers a rich variety of courses in liberal arts and sciences as well as in all professional fields, including law, medicine and business administration. 

KU campus covers over 182 acres and its home to more than 35,000 students from all over the nation and the world. With its stately stone architecture sprawling lawns, seasonal trees and natural flora, KU is known to be one of the most beautiful campuses in Korea. The university has 81 departments in 19 colleges and divisions, and 18 graduate. KU has particularly strong Humanities and Asian Studies Departments along with the recently established Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS). KU is also known for its professional schools of Law, Medicine and Business Administration

Website URL: http://oia.korea.ac.kr/main.do


On-campus accommodation is available but limited. Students are advised to apply as soon the online application is open as rooms as allocated on a first come first served basis. Room assignments are made once the student pays the deposit. Most of the rooms are shared rooms. All on-campus accommodations are located within a 20 min walking distance from the main campus. There is a wide range of off-campus accommodations available with a 5-10 min walking distance. Most rooms are small but en-suite so most students prefer to stay off-campus.

External Funding Available: Yes
Availability: 5
Academic Dates:


Semester 1 (Spring): End of February - mid June
Semester 2 (Fall): End of August - mid December

Course Timetable: http://oia.korea.ac.kr/listener.do?layout=cps_1
Program Type: Exchange , Summer school , Internship
Language: English
Available Subjects: biology , business and entrepreneurship , chemistry , computer science , environmental studies , economics , geology , history , information and communication studies , international development studies , law , mathematics , media and film , philosophy , physics , political science , psychology , sociology , engineering - chemical , engineering - civil , engineering - mechanical
Travel Information: http://travel.gc.ca/destinations/korea-south
Practical Information:

Fact sheet

Visa Requirements:


Apply for a D-2 student visa at the Korean embassy or consulate in Canada.

Summer School Information: http://isc.korea.ac.kr. Students participating to the summer school are counted under the exchange programme and pay per course tuition to UNB.
Additional Information:

Students can apply for a four-week internship in addition to their participation in the Korea University summer school programme. See summer school details for information.

Students may apply for the Global KU Scholarship for study abroad.


Vincent Clavette, Political Science, on exchange in Fall 2014

"Everything seems and feels just right! The people are so welcoming and they do go to extra length to make us feel right at home in our new environment. Seoul is very beautiful the clash of traditional and modern mix to make a distinctive scenery I previously never saw in a big city back home. The university is also a wonderful place to live and it isn’t surprising when you see it and feel the atmosphere that this is one of the top universities in the country. I’m having a blast andit already feels like I will cherish the experience for the rest of my life. South Korea has and will keep on having a place in my heart forever. I’m grateful for the opportunity!!"