Safety and Cleaning Practices | URec | UNB

Safety and cleaning practices

At URec, the health and safety of members, staff and the greater UNB community stands as our highest priority. Our team has taken a number of steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Added safety and cleaning measures

  • URec facilities, including The Richard J. CURRIE CENTER & SMA Pool, underwent significant cleaning before reopening to the public.
  • All URec staff have completed mandatory return-to-work orientation and training sessions prior to reopening.
  • A face mask or covering is required in order to access URec facilities at this time. Members may remove their mask when they reach their intended workout space. Masks must be worn at all times when moving to different areas throughout the facilities. Members are enouraged to speak with a member of our team should they have any questions or concerns related to face masks or coverings.
  • A 15-minute cleaning transition period is completed after each booking period. The cleaning transition period allows members to safely exit facilities and provides our team with the necessary time to refresh workout spaces.
  • The CURRIE CENTER & SMA Pool closes twice each day for 30 minutes to undergo additional cleaning. As an added measure, our team also dedicates 30 minutes at the end of each day to clean, disinfect and prepare for the next day.
  • Available equipment & machines in Strength Centre spaces have been spaced to ensure members are at least 2 metres (6 feet) apart while working out.
  • Protective plexiglass has been added at the Membership Services desk area as an added level of protection for members and staff.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will continue to be available through the facilities.

Do your part

  • For the healthy & safety of everyone, all members are expected to comply with URec's Code of Conduct. Non-compliance may result in a verbal warning, temporary suspension or membership ban.
  • Members are reminded to practice safe physical distancing from others, at least 2 metres (6 feet), at all times when accessing the facilities. Members are also reminded of the importance of good personal hygiene practices, such as frequent hand washing or appropriate cough & sneeze etiquette.
  • Members are required to wipe down equipment before and after each use. Disinfectant spray bottles and paper towel from touchless dispensers will be readily available for member use.
  • Members are required to answer a pre-screening questionnaire for symptons of COVID-19 prior to entering the facilities.
  • Members who are sick or feeling ill, please consider others and stay home.