Parking Permits


(a) All vehicles parking on the campus (including visitors) between the hours of 8:00a.m. and 4:00p.m. on Monday to Friday inclusive must be registered with the Security and Traffic Department. Parking permits shall be issued at the time of vehicle registration with the Security and Traffic Department upon completion of an application for vehicle registration form and payment of the prescribed fee and subject to all other provisions of these regulations. Annual parking permits shall normally be issued during the months August and September; however,they are also available at any time during the year. Visitors to the Moncton site must report to staff upon arrival.

(b) Annual permits will be valid until August 31st of the following year. The fee for registration of each vehicle is as shown in Schedule "A". Any outstanding fines must be paid before issuance of a parking permit. With the sole exception of vehicles used for service purposes, vehicles may not display more than one valid parking permit.

(c) The decal type parking permit shall be firmly affixed on the inside of the front windshield in the lower corner on the right hand side (passenger's side) of the vehicle. The transferable permit must be attached to the rear view mirror. Transferable permit is not replaceable if lost or stolen. Permit must bear validation.

(d) It is the responsibility of visitors and persons organizing conferences, seminars, or inviting guest lecturers to contact the Security and Traffic Department and provide details so that the necessary temporary parking permits can be arranged.

(e) University of New Brunswick parking permits are valid at all locations for the type of parking designated on the permit regardless of where it was purchased.

(f) The Security and Traffic Department shall issue a temporary parking permit in the event of a vehicle registrant having temporary use of a vehicle other than the one for which a parking permit has been issued. No more than seven (7) daily (one-day) permits can be issued relative to any one registered vehicle. Permits can be issued for one day at a time, or for any number of days up to 7, provided that the total number of days of parking permitted by such permits relative to any one registered vehicle does not exceed seven(7). For eight (8) or more days, the fee shown in Schedule "A" shall be charged.

(g) Service parking permits are provided by Security and Traffic department. To qualify for a service parking permit, an employee must purchase a 12 month Staff/Faculty permit.

(h) For individuals other than visitors who do not have an annual or term permit and who would rather pay on a monthly or daily basis than purchase an annual or term permit, the fee as listed in Schedule "A" shall be charged.

(i) Permits are not required for bicycles, motorcycles, or scooters, however, the operators must comply with all other parking and traffic regulations

(j) When a vehicle is sold or traded, the vehicle registrant may obtain a replacement permit for another vehicle upon completion of an application for vehicle registration form and payment of the fee as prescribed in Schedule "A", provided that:

(i) proof of removal of the old permit is presented to the security office, and;

(ii) there are no unpaid traffic or parking fines against the vehicle registrant.

k) When a vehicle is sold or traded the onus is on the vehicle registrant to inform Security and Traffic that the sold/traded vehicle is no longer associated with the current permit holder. Failure to do so may result in violations being applied to the original vehicle registrant.

l) On occasion people who have purchased a pass may no longer require it for the full length of their permit expiry date. Any refund will be prorated based on the total cost by the number of months used, up to the end of the month it is returned. A $20 service will also be applied. Refunds can be granted only under the following circumstances:

  • For a student, proof of withdrawl from the Registrar's Office
  • Or, for faculty or staff leaving the employ of the University