1. Abandoned Vehicle - Any vehicle which has been left stationary in one location on University property for a period of 14 days or more without prior approval of the Security and Traffic Department.
  2.  Faculty - All those persons holding a full or part-time academic rank at the University of New Brunswick.
  3.  Parking - Standing or halting of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except when standing or halting temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading of material or passengers.
  4.  Person - An individual, partnership, unincorporated association or any incorporated entity.
  5.  Staff - All other regular employees of the University or Student Union or other agencies with regular business on campus. This definition excludes students who are part-time employees of the University.
  6.  Student - Any person proceeding towards any degree or attending any class, seminar, or course - either credit or non-credit. For the purposes of parking allocation, a resident student is a student residing on the University campus.
  7.  Tow Away - The physical removal and impounding of a vehicle by a recognized towing service.
  8.  Traffic Control Device - " Traffic Control Device" includes "official traffic control device", "traffic control signal", "sign", and "official sign" and means a sign or device for the regulation, warning or guidance of traffic.
  9. Vehicle - Any mechanical mode of transportation including bicycles.
  10. Vehicle Immobilizer – Physical restraint devise installed to restrict vehicle movement, installed/removed by UNB Security & Traffic.
  11.  Vehicle Parking Permit - Any identification discs, stickers, or other indicia issued by the University in accordance with these regulations to permit parking in designated areas on campus.
  12.  Vehicle Registrant - Any person to whom a vehicle parking permit has been issued.
  13.  Visitors - a visitor is an invited or, uninvited guest to the UNB campus. This would include visiting dignitaries, local citizens, academic representatives, perspective students/ staff/ faculty applicants and, entrepreneurs wishing to do business with the university on an infrequent basis. Existing UNB students, staff and faulty members are not guests and must display a valid permit to park on the UNB campus. On occasion an actual guest may inadvertently receive a parking violation which can be rescinded once proof of their activities on campus demonstrates they are, in fact, a guest.