Department History

picture of Old Arts at night

The Security and Traffic Department at the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton campus was created in late December of 1957. The organization consisted of members from the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires which required three (3) staff members to work six (6) days a week.

Prior to this date the buildings all had independent heating and required a fireman, who also acted as security, to conduct the necessary rounds. These rounds were kept track of via the use of punch clocks which were carried by the person on patrol. There were very few buildings at the inception of the department, however, staff increases kept pace with new development. In 1961, the force was converted from the Corps to the present full-time staff members employed by the University who wore the distinctive green uniforms.

The first Chief of Security, Mr. James Barnett, was hired in 1961. Mr. Barnett was the former Chief of Police for Marysville. He was succeeded by Mr. Charles Williamson (1969 -1989), who was then succeeded by Mr.Rick Peacock. The title changed at this time from Chief of Security to Director of Security & Traffic. As well, the subordinate titles changed from the military ranking of Sergeant, Corporal, etc. to Operations Supervisor, Patrol Supervisor, etc. Mr. Peacock was succeeded by an interim director Kyle Jones in 1999. In the year 2000 Reg Jerrett took over until 2009. In 2010   Bruce Rogerson assumed the reins until his retirement in Septmeber 0f 2016. Don Allen became the new Director in the Spring of 2017.

The original office for security was located in the Old Arts Building (now known as Sir Howard Douglas Hall). It was then relocated to Annex "B" in 1969. In 1993 the office was moved to the lower entrance to the Wu Centre and in April of 2018 it was relocated to the Campus Operations Building.

The mandate of the department is:

"To provide optimum protection of university property and maximum security and safety for students, faculty, staff and visitors, in an environment conducive to learning and working."

To ensure the success of this mandate, there is a compliment of 18 full-time and two (2) term position Patrol Officers, four (4) Patrol Supervisors, one (1) Traffic Supervisor, a full-time secretary and an Operations Supervisor. A new position was created in 2012 with a full time member being assigned to Crime Prevention and Community Relations. There are a minimum of two (2) members on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A regular compliment consists of eight (8) regular members and a supervisor during those hours when peak coverage is required - 4:00p.m. till 4:00a.m. It is during these hours when the majority of the services we offer are utilized. The central contact point for communication throughout the University is the Security Office which receives calls for services ranging from persons requiring a Doctor to calling in Facilities Management staff due to slippery roads.

The regular patrol compliment works as a team to conduct a continuous patrol of University buildings and property to ensure that the department's mandate is upheld. It is interesting to note that, despite the increase in physical property and new services provided, the department actually makes do with less staff now than it had before. The Security Department experienced a high in the late 1970's and early 1980's of thirty four regular members then receded to the present compliment of 20. To accomplish this the University has invested in new technology - primarily CCTV cameras mounted in key locations around campus, as well as a central monitoring system which monitors for fires in all buildings.