The Planetary and Space Science Centre is actively involved in outreach programs. These include visits by members of the Centre to schools in the province of New Brunswick and beyond. Small classes (maximum 20) may also visit the Centre for presentations and workshops. Topics typically include slide-based talks on the Moon, Earth, Mars and other planets of our Solar System.

These are commonly aimed at Grades 5-9, although older and younger grades can be accommodated, depending on the topic. The Space Shuttle and the Canadian contribution to the International Space Station, and the development of the Canadarms I and II are also topics that can be delivered (other space related topics are also feasible). Educators are also welcome to visit the Centre to discuss potential courses and to access material.

Teachers interested in organizing visits by members of the Centre, or school visits to the Centre, should contact the Data Manager (contact numbers below). Normally, a small fee is required to cover any transport costs.

The Planetary and Space Science Centre can also consider evaluating materials that the public have discovered and suspects are of meteoritic origin. This typically involves the visual examination of the sample and, if considered warranted, subsequent analytical appraisal by X-ray diffraction and/or optical microscopy. We encourage members of the public to bring interesting material to the attention of the Department of Earth Sciences administrator contact.

Significant analytical processing may require a modest fee to cover costs. Members of the Centre also contribute their expertise on a regular basis to radio and TV science programs, and to media enquiries involving planetary geology, impact cratering and meteorites.

We hope that, in the near future, an Outreach Position will become a permanently funded appointment within the Planetary and Space Science Centre. Until that time, outreach remains a voluntary activity amongst the members of the Centre, and costs are borne internally.

Dr Spray, director of PASSC, Email John, tel: (506) 453-3550