Dr. Li-Hong Xu

BSc (Suzhou) PhD (UNB)
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Infrared and Microwave Spectroscopy

Dr Li Hong Xu

Molecular Dynamics (Experimental and Theoretical) — NSERC

Study of IVR (Intramolecular Vibrational energy Relaxation) promoted by rapid methyl-top internal rotation by using high resolution eigenstate resolved spectra both at room temperature and in a jet-cooled molecular-beam; Global data analysis and modeling of the large-amplitude torsional motion in methanol and its interaction with small amplitude vibrations; Ab initio calculations aimed at understanding IVR questions.

Laboratory-Based Astrophysics (interstellar clouds, comets & combustion) — NSERC and NASA

Our molecules of interest are combinations of the chemical functional groups -OH, -NH2, and -CH3, which are astrophysically important and have complex spectra due to large-amplitude internal motions. Work has been started on data banks for methanol and its isotopomers in the microwave, far-infrared and infrared regions up to 4000 cm-1 (or 2.5 µm) for the radio-astronomy and cometary communities; overtone methanol spectra are also under investigation for combustion sciences.

Environmental Protection — CIPI/NEC

Composition and concentration measurements using a tunable diode laser spectrometer of high sensitivity and resolution.