2017 Colloquia

Jan. 12 Catherine Lovekin (Mount A) Constraining convective core overshoot in gamma Doradus and delta Scuti stars
Jan. 19 David Themens (UNB) The Empirical Canadian High Arctic Ionosphere Model (E-CHAIM): Peak Density and Height
Jan. 26 Anthony McCaffrey (UNB) Determining the refractive contribution to rapid GPS phase variations
Feb. 2 Razieh Enjilela (UNB) Water Front Penetration into mortar. Unsteady State Wicking and Evaporating
Feb. 9 Amy-Rae Gauthier (UNB) Time-Averaged Velocity Field (and Diffusivity!) Measurement using Motion-Encoded SPRITE
Feb. 23 Andres Ramirez-Aguilera (UNB) Parallel-Plate Resonator for Thin Film Imaging on Lithium ion Batteries
Feb. 28 Hanif Zarringhalam (UNB) On The Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Two Ruthenium Bearing Molecules: RuX (X=F, Cl)
Mar. 2 Shiva David (UNB) On the Relationship between Sporadic-E, Scintillation and slant Total Electron Content
Mar. 21 Sarah Gallagher (UWO) The Biggest Blowhards: Windy Supermassive Black Holes
Mar. 23 Masooma Ali (UNB) The Approach to a Cosmological Singularity
Mar. 30 Deny Hamel (UdeMoncton) Energy-time entanglement of photon triplets produced with cascaded downconversion
April 6 Richard Dewey (CMOS-SCMO) Recent Pacific Anomalies: Oscillations, El Nino, and The Blob
April 19 Luc Beaulieu (Memorial) Cantilever Sensor Research at Memorial University
April 20 Shahla Ahmadi (UNB) Evaluation of MRI for studies of fan sprays and determination of the geometry of the system
July 25 Amanda Ross (U de Lyon) Electronic spectroscopy of MH molecules: a contribution to laboratory astrophysics
Sept. 21 Amy-Rae Gauthier (UNB) Applying Diffusion Tensor Imaging to a Turbulent Gas Flow System
Sept. 28 Anthony McCaffrey (UNB) Determination and Analysis of the Refractive Contribution to GPS Phase Scintillation
Oct. 5 Li-Hong Xu (UNB) Weeding the Cosmos in Support of the ALMA PIL Survey "Isotopologues of Methanol in Space"
Oct. 19 Masooma Ali (UNB) Natural Inflation from Semiclassical Polymer Dynamics
Oct. 26 Eugene Ho (Academia Sinica) Doubly Excited Resonance States in the Positronium Negative Ion
Nov. 2 Marko Horbatsch (York) Quantum interference in hydrogen spectroscopy and the proton charge radius problem
Nov. 9 Ed Wilson-Ewing (UNB) Cosmology from Condensates of Quantum Gravity
Nov. 16 P.T. Jayachandran (UNB) Scintillation monitoring, modelling, and mitigation in the GPS era - What went wrong in the last 60 years?
Nov. 23 Viktor Khalack (U de M) A probable surviving remnant of a subluminous Type Ia supernova
Nov. 23 Gilbert Brunet (MRD & ECCC) Toward Seamless Weather and Climate Earth-system Prediction
Nov. 30 Matthew R. Dietrick (ANL) Radium Atoms, Time Reversal, and Physics beyond the Standard Model