2016 Colloquia

Date Speaker Title
Jan. 14  Sam Kristoffersen (UNB) Wind and Temperature Measurements with ERWIN-II
Jan. 21 Pei-Gen Yan (UNB) Calculations of long-range three-body interactions for Li(2S)-Li-(2S)-Li-(2P) system
Jan. 28 David Themens (UNB) Toward the development of the Canadian High Arctic Ionospheric Model (CHAIM): Challenges and Data Handling
Feb. 4 Masooma Ali (UNB) Quantum Gravity's Rainbow
Feb. 11 Alex Adair (UNB) Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Fast and Multiphase Flows using the Pre-equalized, Motion-Sensitized SPRITE Pulse Sequence
Feb. 18 Razieh Enjilela (UNB) Monitoring Steady State Moisture Distribution during Wick Action in Mortar by Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Feb. 23 Sanjeev Seahra (UNB) Einstein's ripples - our new way of listening to the universe using waves of gravity
Feb. 25 Racheal Athieno (UNB) A Neural Network (NN)-based foF2 model for a single station in the polar cap
March 3 Scott Goudreau (UNB) Proton Transfer in Malonaldehyde - Studying Quantum Tunnelling in a Molecular Lab
March 15 Chris Vail (UNB) Detecting Gravity Waves over Eureka Nunavut using the PEARL All Sky Imager
March 17 Hichem Mezaoui (UNB) Characterization of the ionospheric scintillation in the polar region: towards an optimization of the detrending frequency
March 24 Nick Caron (UNB) An experimental investigation of the low-lying electronic states of MgS, a molecule of potential astrophysical interest
March 29 Daniel Stolarski (Carleton) The Nature of the Higgs Boson
March 31 Jonathan Dysart (Horizon Health Network) Medical Physics - advances, challenges, opportunities
March 31 Anthony McCaffrey (UNB) Calculation and Analysis of High Rate GPS Observables in the Canadian High Arctic
April 7 Hanif Zarringhalam (UNB) Learning some spectroscopy: a study of two Ruthenium based compounds
April 15 Francis Zwiers (Pacific Climate Impact Consortium) Changing Extremes - is it real or just imagined?
May 4 Heidi Shyu (US Army) A Journey from UNB to Presidential Appointee
Sept. 15 Ron Lees (UNB) High-Resolution Synchrotron Spectroscopy at the Canadian Light Source: Mercaptan Mysteries and the Tau of Torsion
Sept. 22 Huan Zhong Huang (UCLA) Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Search and Majorana Neutrinos
Sept. 27 Alain Hache (U de M) Make VO2 Great Again
Oct. 13 Meghan Halse (U of York) Recent developments in parahydrogen hyperpolarisation for NMR Spectroscopy
Oct. 20 Amar Vutha (U of T) Gravitational wave astronomy with atomic clocks
Oct. 27 Joseph Hall (UNB Eng.) Coherent Structures and Aeroacoustics Research at UNB
Nov. 3 Chris Whittaker (Dawson College) Pedagogical research and development from Dawson College that can have an impact in your classroom
Nov. 17 Magdalen Normandeau (UNB) An informal talk about a subjective view of the state of Physics Education Research
Nov. 24 Pei-Gen Yan (UNB) Calculations of long-range three-body interactions for Li(2S)-Li-(2S)-Li+(1S) system