Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to write the math placement test?

Most students registered to take MATH 1003: Introduction to Calculus 1 for the first time are required to take the math placement test.  However, there are a few ways to be exempted from taking the test.  If you are unsure if you are exempt from taking the test, please write the test.  If we find out at a later date that you are indeed exempt we will most certainly ignore your score on the test.  Conversely, if you miss a chance to write the test and are not exempt you may be removed from MATH 1003.

Do I need to book a place and time to write the test?

No.  In order to take the test, just show up at one of the places listed on the schedule of upcoming writings of the test.  Try to arrive at least 10 minutes early.  Be sure to bring your UNB student card (or at least have a record of your student number).

Do I need to pass the placement test to take any other MATH courses?

The placement test is required before you enrol in either the 4-month or 8-month version of MATH 1003.  You do not need to write the placement test to take any other MATH course.

I got an email saying that I must change to a different MATH course: is this just a recommendation?

No, it is not.  To stay in the 4-month version of MATH 1003 you must either pass the Math Placement Test or be exempted from it.  If we ask you to change to a different course you must do so before the last Add/Drop date.  

How can I tell if I am exempt from the test?

If you scored well on UNB's Calculus Challenge exam, then you will be exempt from taking the placement test.  In that case, you will have received an email from the math department.  You are also exempt if you have taken MATH 1003 before and not passed, or if you have passed any other UNB MATH course (including MATH 0863).

I have already taken a (pre)calculus course in high school or at another university, and I did really well.  Does this exempt me from the test?

Generally speaking, no.  However, if you have passed math courses (with a grade of C or better) from another university, and have been granted UNB credit for those courses by the registrar, then you do not have to take the math placement test.  In all other circumstances, you must take the test.

I have already attempted MATH 1003 and did not pass.  Do I need to re-take the placement test before trying MATH 1003 again?

No, the placement test is only for people taking MATH 1003 for the first time.

A university in my home province also has a math placement test, can I take that one instead?

No.  If you want to take MATH 1003 at UNB you need to pass the UNB math placement test or satisfy one of the exemption criteria listed here.

I passed MATH 0863 (Precalculus) and I now want to take MATH 1003, do I need to write the test?

No, if you have passed MATH 0863, you do not need to pass the placement test in order to enrol in MATH 1003.

I failed MATH 0863 (Precalculus) can I take the placement test to possibly move on to Math 1003?

No, students who do not earn a passing grade in MATH 0863 are not elegible to write the placement test.

What should I do to prepare?

Work though all the sample problems we provide.  Once you are done with those, here is a list of some other online resources/problem sets that would be good to look at.

Can I use a calculator?

No, you cannot.  We will not ask you any questions that require the use of a calculator.  You should practice the sample problems without any electronic aids.

How will I find out my mark?

Your marks will be sent to your official "" email address.  Before the test, you should verify that this email account is working and that you can receive messages.  Any problems with your account should be brought to the attention of Information Technology Services (ITS) immediately.  If you do not receive your mark via email within seven days, please contact the math office.

What happens if I do not pass the test?

All students are allowed two writings of the test.  If you have not obtained a passing grade after your second writing, you will be directed to register in either the eight-month version of MATH 1003 or the pre-calculus course MATH 0863.  This means that there will be (at least) a four month delay in obtaining credit for MATH 1003.  The implications of this delay vary from program to program.  To get more infomation, you should consult your undergraduate advisor.