Research facilities at UNB chemistry

The chemical laboratories are well-equipped to carry out research in various areas of Chemistry.

Our nuclear magnetic resonance facility offers multinuclear NMR services with a Varian UNITY 400 MHz spectrometer equipped with 5 mm Inverse Detection and Broadband probes, and a 10 mm Broadband probe, and a Varian UNITY INOVA 300 MHz spectrometer equipped with an Automation Triple Broadband probe.

The department offers in-house X-ray crystallographic services on a Bruker AXS SMART 1000 CCD single crystal diffractometer, equipped for data collection at cyogenic temperatures.

The Chemistry Department also possesses EPR, UV, Laser-Raman, FT-IR, FT-Raman spectrometers, a laser-induced fluorescence molecular beam spectrometer.

The inorganic chemistry groups have facilities for handling reactive fluorine compounds and hygroscopic materials.

Other facilities include: a Faraday magnetic balance, remote computer terminals, chromatographs, HPLC/GPC.

Most computations are carried out on High end computational workstations that are housed in various Departmental labs. Researchers could also access the Atlantic Computational Excellence Network (ACENet), which is a world-class, large-scale high performance computing (HPC) facilities.

Excellent mechanical, electronic and glass blowing workshops staffed by highly qualified technicians are available for design, construction and repair of equipment.