Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

In the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology, we pursue a wide range of biological questions related to population and community dynamics, geographical distribution, inter-specific interactions, animal and plant behaviour and physiology. Aquatic systems are a particular strength, but we study ecosystems around the world, in all habitat types. We also investigate micro- and macro-evolution processes at the molecular, cellular and organismal level. 


Dr. Jason Addison Population genetics and speciation in marine and freshwater invertebrates
Dr. Alexa Alexander-Trusiak
Combined effects of multiple natural and anthropogenic gradients on aquatic community assembly, diversity, and resilience
Dr. Donald Baird Aquatic Ecology, focuses on the study of how environmental stressors (e.g. contraminants, habitat loss, climate change) interact to pose a threat to the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems.
Dr. Myriam Barbeau Coastal marine ecology; population and community ecology; invertebrate zoology; applied ecology (ecological modelling, restoration, and aquaculture)

Dr. Rick Cunjak

Fish biology and river ecology

Dr. Allen Curry

Fish ecology and population dynamics
Dr. Les Cwynar Arctic-boreal plant ecology and paleoecology
Dr. Tony Diamond Evolutionary ecology of birds
Dr. Dion Durnford Chloroplast-nucleus signal transduction pathways; photosynthetic acclimation to environmental stress
Dr. Stephen Heard Evolutionary and community ecology; ecological controls on biodiversity
Dr. Janice Lawrence

Microalgal ecology and algal virology

Dr. Tommi Linnansaari

Studies related to the movements, behaviour and survival of diadromous and resident fish and development of recovery actions and new assessment tools for large salmon rivers

Dr. Aurora Nedelcu Evolution of complexity, sex and programmed cell death, organelle genomes; green algae
Amy Parachnowitsch
Evolutionary ecology of plant-pollinator interactions
Dr. Adrian Reyes-Prieto Endosymbiosis and origins of photosynthetic organelles (plastids); evolution and diversity of photosynthetic eukaryotes
Dr. Gary Saunders Evolution and traditional/molecular systematics of marine and freshwater Protista