Re-apply to Residence

If you plan to return to residence, you must re-apply each year and pay the $500.00 residence application fee.

  1. Students who wish to re-apply to residence may do so mid-semester during the Winter term for the upcoming Fall/Winter semesters, you may access the online residence application.  During the online residence application you will be able select your preference for residence and room type.

  2. Pay the non-refundable $500 residence application fee.  Your application must be received by April 15th.  Your Residence Application Fee of $500.00 must also be received by Financial Services by April 15th.

  3. We will assign your room when we receive your residence application and your residence application fee. The sooner you send in your payment, the better your chances of getting a room in the residence of your choice. All students who submit their residence application and fee by May 15 are guaranteed a place in residence.

The residence application fee is part of the overall residence fees for the contract period and is not refundable for any reason, regardless of when you cancel.

Apply for a Single Room

As a returning student, you may apply for your preferred rooms. Please indicate during the online residence application if you prefer a single room and if you would be willing to change residences to get one.

Since the number of single rooms is limited, you will be ranked according to the following formula and your Don's endorsement: 

  • AGPA + ((Years in University +Years in Residence)/2) = POINTS


  • AGPA = Most recent Assessment Grade Point Average. AGPA is the student's GPA for the period May 1 to April 30 provided 24 or more credit hours have been attempted since the last AGPA
  • Years in University = Number of years with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (max of 4 years)
  • Years in Residence = Number of years in UNB residence (max of 4 years). 
  • Not more than 50% of the single rooms in any house (not including graduate housing) are allocated to graduate students.
  • Graduate, second degree, law, transfer, mature, special needs and borderline applicants will be reviewed by the Residence Coordinator and the Dons concerned.
  • In co-ed houses, single rooms are assigned to males and females in equal numbers.
  • Returning students' house and room preferences are only considered when a re-application AND residence deposit are submitted (to Residence Administration and Financial Services, respectively) by May 15th.
  • Students with documented medical or special needs may be given priority for single rooms, independent of their points.