Learning Outside the Traditional Classroom: Internships in Canada and Abroad

Students registered in the BPhil program complete two internships over the course of their studies at Renaissance College, UNB. The first takes place in Canada during their 3rd semester, the second abroad during their 6th semester. Both internships nurture the ability in students to critically engage with the world and explore the many different ways they can contribute as professionals and citizens.


The Canadian InternshipStudent travelling

The Canadian internship is a full-time paid/volunteer placement of ten to sixteen weeks in an organization located in Canada. The internship allows students to observe leadership in action and apply their own leadership skills in a specific work environment, whether it is in a corporation, government department, or non-profit organization. This opportunity to apply knowledge and skills with guidance from a mentor helps students relate theory to practice and gives them valuable work experience. It is a great chance for them to gain insight into a specific field of work and test their interest and aptitude for a future career. With the support of a dedicated internship coordinator, the students select their placements and set their own learning goals. Assignments are designed to enable students to apply their academic knowledge and critical thinking skills in a work environment while enhancing their professional development.


The International Internship

The international internship is a cross-cultural educational experience where students travel in small groups to countries where the culture differs significantly from theirs. For a period of ten weeks, they immerse themselves in a community, in some cases living with host families, and engage in volunteer work with local organizations.The work can be related to human rights, the environment, sustainable community development, the arts and culture, social entrepreneurship, leadership, gender, education, health, or a combination of these. We do not expect our students to lead projects but to contribute to a community effort led by our partners in order to observe and learn with and from local people and communities.
By taking part in people’s lives, the students have the opportunity to create strong relationships based on the values of equality, respect, and reciprocity. This new appreciation could lead to a genuine appreciation of the vibrancy and resilience of the community and open up new possibilities and alternatives to make the world a better place. The internship is also an opportunity for students to learn about themselves and their own culture. The international internship includes a strong preparation and re-entry process.
Each placement is carefully selected by Renaissance College for the quality of the educational experience and its safety. Students can submit proposals for independent placements.
In 2017, twenty-nine students will be traveling to eleven different countries: Albania, Belize, Bhutan, China, El Salvador, Greece, India, Ireland, Nepal, Tonga, and Zambia.


Student Testimonials

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