Information about Faculty & Staff

Dr. Cynthia Stacey Dean
Dr. Mira Bachvarova Professor of Public Policy Studies
Dr. John Valk Professor of Worldview Studies
Dr. Thomas Mengel Professor of Leadership Studies
Guna Kulasegaram Professor of Cross-Cultural Leadership
Josie Seely College Coordinator/Student Advisor
Nadya Ladouceur Experiential Education Coordinator
Jo-Anne Colford Administrative Assistant
Rick Hutchins Community Problem Solving Instructor
Sarah King Forum I & II Instructor
Nathan Thompson Forum I & II and Nat. Science Instructor
Peter Gross Images & Insights Instructor
Dr. Roxanne Reeves Citizenship & Community Prob. Solving Professor
Jen Rowett Concepts of Personal Well being Instructor
Alison Chalke Mathematical Approaches to Problem Solving Instructor