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Peer mentor initiative

The peer mentor initiative was established in 2020 to allow for students enrolled in the Faculty of Nursing to have Indigenous mentorship from their peers. The program acts on the value of students helping students.

The peer mentors actively advocate, teach, and provide experiences for other students, all while being a student themselves. The mentors reflect on their student experiences and opportunities to ensure that the students following them will receive a well balanced and positive education during their time in the Bachelor of Nursing Undergraduate program and Graduate program.

Email to get in touch with your 2021/2022 mentors if you have questions or concerns, want to get involved in student life, or just want someone to touch base with!

Peer mentors, 2021-22

“Hullo friends! My name is Rachel Blowers. I am a Mi’kmaq woman from Metepenagiag First Nation (AKA Red Bank Reserve) located in Miramichi, NB, where I grew up within my community. I am so happy to see so many indigenous people wanting to learn more about their indigenous heritage and advancing their education goals in health care! It is so inspiring and I’m so hyped to get to know everyone as your indigenous peer mentor within the nursing program! To give a little bit of background about me, I am going into my fourth year of the program.

I have worked within my community in many areas including the summer student program, a coach in the Indian Summer Games of New Brunswick, and most recently, a student nurse at our community health centre. I also am currently collaborating with the IWK as an indigenous youth representative for New Brunswick on the Advisory Committee for research projects focused on Indigenous health care delivery. Once the opportunity came where we could establish more supports for indigenous nursing students, I jumped at the chance!

I could go on and on, but I will hold it in until we get to meet everyone in-person. Thank you so much for being so passionate about Indigenous health care. I hope to get to know everyone as we plan to have many activities and supports for our future indigenous nurses!”

Rayleh is a third year student in the Bachelor of Nursing program. You can contact her by email at

Jade is a second year Bachelor of Nursing student at UNB. Jade can be reached at

BNRN, MN (candidate)

Qey (Hello), my name is Jasmine Murchison-Perley, a two-spirit, Wolastoqey woman from Neqotkuk at Tobique First Nation. I am a first-generation academic, receiving a bachelor's in nursing from the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in 2018. I am currently a Registered Nurse (RN) working for the New Brunswick Aboriginal People's Council (NBAPC) as the Health and Wellness Coordinator. I am enrolled in full-time studies with the Master of Nursing Program at UNB, supervised by Dr. Jason Hickey. I am a recipient of the Indigenous Health Research Masters Studentship in Nursing as well as a grant recipient of the Native Woman's Association of Canada.

My background is in: Indigenous Health and Wellness, Harm Reduction, Health Policy and Advocacy, and Systemic Racism.

I look forward to having the opportunity to meet you all in the coming year. Woliwon (Thank-you).

I feel that it is important for Indigenous nursing students to have opportunities to learn from knowledge keepers. Being a knowledge gatherer allowed me to connect with peers, Elders, mothers, doulas, and other knowledge keepers across Canada and I am hopeful that the initiative will grow and encourage further incorporation of Indigenous knowledge into nursing education.”

506-262-8262 | 

“Kwey! My name is Tanisha and I am a Wolastoqey woman from Kingsclear First Nation (Pilick) and I am the proud mother to Rylan and Soren. My maternal roots are Penobscot from Indian Island, Maine and Wolastoqey from Kingsclear First Nation. My paternal roots are Inuvialuit from Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Thomas University, and I will be entering my third year of the Nursing program in the Fall of 2021. I am in this realm for the seven generations before me and the seven generations to come. Woliwon, Tanisha.”

Indigenous Nursing Student Association

The Indigenous Nursing Student Association was founded in 2021 by a group of Indigenous students that are part of the Faculty of Nursing at UNB. The association works to support students, share cultural knowledge, provide space for conversations and mentorship, and a place to start initiatives and advocacy for Indigenous students studying in the field of nursing.

If you would like to join the association or have questions, email

Curious about what the students are working on? Check out the updates in the Nutsihpiluwewicik monthly newsletter! 

Nutsihpiluwewicik Knowledge Gatherers Initiative

The knowledge gathers initiative was born in 2021 and was developed as a way to increase reconcile-action at the University of New Brunswick. The focus is to learn from elders, community, knowledge keepers, and healthcare professionals how Indigenous healthcare practices and western medicine knowledge can be used in practice together.

Two students were elected knowledge gatherer positions, which allowed them to spend time exploring Indigenous-led cultural revitalization, including the reclamation of Indigenous knowledge, languages, and practice.

Along with Tanisha and Erika, Jade McComber (Bachelor of Nursing student) was also part of the Knowledge Gatherers program in 2020-21.

Future Wabanaki

Future Wabanaki is a partnership between NB employers, universities, indigenous students, and the Government of New Brunswick. It works to ensure that Indigenous university students have equal access to meaningful and valuable real work experiences with local employers while connecting employers with top New Brunswick talent.

Other resources for Indigenous students