New Brunswick's Consumer Products Warranty Legislation

New Brunswick's Consumer Product Warranty and Liability Act protects buyers (and other consumers) of consumer goods through warranties and remedies designed to fit their reasonable expectations.

This website features three separate guides to the legislation -- one for consumers, another for businesses, and another for the legal profession. The website was created by Karl Dore, who also was the principal architect of the Consumer Product Warranty and Liability Act. It is intended to provide information on the legislation, not to give or offer individual legal advice. For further assistance contact New Brunswick's Consumer Affairs Branch or one of the Rentalsman Offices.

  • The Consumer Guide
  • The Business Guide
  • The Legal Guide
    • Legal Guide
      • Top 10 List
      • Table of Contents
      • Scope/coverage of legislation
      • Express warranties
      • Implied warranties
      • Privity & products liability
      • Remedies
      • Waivers/disclaimers/contracting out
    • Legislation -- full text
    • Cases -- full text (indexed by name, section considered, product, judge, date)
    • Articles -- full text of law review articles
    • Background -- full text of law reform reports preceding legislation

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This website was launched on New Brunswick Day 1998, and was last modified on June 5, 2006.