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Faculty of Kinesiology
UNB Fredericton

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About the Kinesiology Building

The Kinesiology Building honours UNB’s six decades of excellence in fitness education and research. 

A Kinovation space

With the support of the Strategic Infrastructure Fund of the federal government and the Province of New Brunswick, this “Kinovation” space was built for our 580 undergraduate and 60 graduate students, allowing them to collaborate and interact under one roof.

Kinesiology has been a prominent part of UNB since 1957 when John Meagher established Atlantic Canada’s first degree program in physical education. Today, the faculty encompasses sports studies and management, recreation and medical research. More than 4,000 UNB graduates have pursued successful careers in teaching, coaching, personal training, physical therapy, sports science, recreation, chiropractic, medicine and more.

Sport Performance Centre

The Sport Performance Centre is a four thousand square foot facility, a partnership between the University of New Brunswick and the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic, which offers world-class sport-specific training. Our strength and conditioning programs are designed to increase your physiological abilities and enhance your sports performance.

Our training principles and programs are based on the latest in sport science research. Groups will undergo a full evaluation to determine needs, and programs are then targeted towards maximizing strength and conditioning within each group’s sport, age bracket, and skill level. Progress is tested and tracked on a regular basis to ensure each athlete’s training is effective and will have a direct impact on performance. Athletes will also be provided with testing results to guide future training and ongoing athlete development.

What do we offer?

  • Sport-specific strength and conditioning programs designed and delivered by exceptional trainers
  • Regular testing and periodized programs to improve your abilities
  • Affordable rates for individual and group training

Who has trained with us?

  • UNB Varsity teams
  • National champions in a variety of sports including wrestling, karate, judo, and cycling
  • International and World Championship competitors in sports such as athletics and wrestling
  • CHL, AHL, ECHL, and NHL hockey players, including Fredericton native Jake Allen

For more information regarding the training offered at the Sport Performance Centre, please contact Meaghan Donahue Wies, Athlete Services and Game Plan Manager with the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic, contact us or call 506-453-4500.

Time Capsule

50-year time capsule was placed in the building’s cornerstone, containing dozens of memorabilia old and new. Items include a handcrafted pencil from a former kinesiology dean, a Fitbit, the UCard of UNB’s 2017 Student Union president, and a 3D printed whistle created by an engineering student.

This time capsule will be opened in 2067 on Canada’s bicentenary and the faculty’s 110th anniversary.

A building that celebrates living art