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Geocoin Location

If you would like to search for a geocoin near you, a limited number have been placed in brand new geocaches located in areas of interest for the ForEM faculty. The location details are as follows:

Cache #1

This cache is a multi-cache. You must visit the first three stops, and use information at each to get the final coordinates of the physical cache.

The information you will need at each stop is: 

Stop 1: A: Last digit of building year: _ _ _ A

B: Building number: B

Stop 2: C: Second-last digit of class year: _ _ C _ 

Stop 3: D: Building number: D 

The coordinates for each stop are: 

1st stop – N:  45.948606

  W: -66.642013

2nd stop – N: 45.948313

    W: -66.640771

3rd stop – N:  45.948467

    W: -66.641721

Coordinates for the final cache are: N: 45.A47CCC  W: -66.64BD89

Replace these letters in the final cache location to get the coordinates for the final geocache.

Cache #2

This location highlights a club popular within the ForEM faculty. The coordinates are:

N 45.942295
W -66.638995

Cache #3

This location highlights an important location for the ForEM faculty that provides an excellent learning environment. The coordinates are:

N 45.922357
W -66.645471