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Grand Lake Management Plan 

The University of New Brunswick's (UNB) Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management (FOREM) FOR4020 class of 2018, has partnered with  Jorg and Gloria Beyeler and 510155 NB Inc (George Peppin) to develop a forest management plan that encompasses a short-term (5 year) and long-term (25 year) operations plan for 486 hectares of land located in Grand Lake, New Brunswick.

Jorg and Gloria Beyeler have identified the need for a forest management plan that will provide high quality timber and financial return on a long term and ongoing basis, while simultaneously satisfying other ecological, social, and infrastructural objectives.

The period of performance for the forest management plan is 8 months, beginning on Sept. 15 through April 10. A systematic inventory of the forest, at the tree and stand level, will be completed by the FM1 group by Nov. 3, 2017.  The data gathered in these inventories will be summarized and analyzed using various programs and software, in order to model scenarios, explore silvicultural options, and discuss tradeoff analyses.

A final report will be completed by March 26, 2018, and a final presentation of the Forest Management Plan will occur on the last week of classes.