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Continuing education

We are pleased to offer several courses in continuing education for natural resource professionals. 


GIS 1 for Natural Resource Professionals: This introductory training opportunity uses industry-standard ArcGIS to query and symbolize data to make useful maps and teaches basic techniques using the most common geoprocessing operations and data editing capabilities. Participants will also learn and apply techniques to interchange data to and from a GIS and hand-held GPS unit.


GIS 2 for Natural Resource Professionals: Assuming rudimentary GIS knowledge, this training opportunity exposes participants to more advanced analytical techniques using ArcGIS and the Spatial Analyst extension to combine the utility of raster and vector datasets towards solving spatial questions. Participants will also be exposed to basic python scripting for advanced field calculation operations.


LiDAR 1 for Natural Resource Professionals: This introductory training opportunity introduces the core concepts, terminology and theory behind airborne laser scanning before leading participants through the query, download and preparation of GeoNB-hosted LiDAR point cloud datasets for use in ArcGIS. Then through ArcGIS’ 3D and Spatial Analyst extensions, these datasets are visualized, filtered and used to create common useful derivatives towards solving spatial questions.