Transport and Moving Services

Facilites Management provides Transport and Moving Services. These services can be arranged through our Work Control Centre. Once the request has been initiated and a work order has been generated the requestor will be contacted by a member of our Operations Team to arrange a suitable time and date for the request to be performed.

We have one dedicated vehicle which performs this service Monday to Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Should the request need to be performed outside this timeframe then special arrangements must be made with our staff and additional charges may apply.

All transport and moving services will be charged to the requesting department or faculty at our standard labour rates as stated in the UNBEA Agreement plus a modest vehicle usage charge. Should additional external resources be required to perform the request (i.e. special equipment, larger vehicle) then those expenses will also be charged.

Typical types of Transport and Moving Services would include items such as:

  • Furniture moves
  • Movement of material / goods within campus
  • Off-campus moves (typically incur additional external charges)
  • Collection of recyclable materials
  • Removal of unwanted equipment / furniture
  • Transporting chemicals and other dangerous goods

Please provide as much lead time (normally 5 to 7 working days) with your request as possible. The following are dates when transport and moving services will be limited:

  • Convocation: The week of convocation on a semi-annual basis.
  • Orientation: The last week of August and first week of September.
  • Examinations: Fall Semester, Winter Semester, December and April.
  • Snow clearing operations may limit availability of staff and equipment and will take priority over the performance of these services.

Please note that Transport & Moving Services does not provide boxes, supplies or a packing service. It is the responsibility of the client to make sure that these preparations are made in advance of the move. All furniture should be emptied out and all computers & equipment should be unplugged and be ready before our staff arrives to do the move.

Facilities Management will take reasonable care and precaution with the moving and transportation of your property, however we are unable to accept responsibility for any occurring damage. Should your move require insurance we can arrange that service through an insured moving company at the expense of the requesting department.

How to Request Service