FM Services

Routine Building Maintenance

Facilities Management provides daily routine maintenance services including cleaning, electrical, refrigeration & mechanical, carpentry & cabinetmaking, plumbing, utilities, keys & locks, painting & signs, roofing, roads & grounds, mail delivery & pick-up, transport & moving, waste removal, document shredding and recycling in UNB's "academic" buildings. This routine building maintenance is funded from the general operating budget of the University.

How are Building Maintenance Requests Prioritized?

Work requests will normally be carried out based on the following criteria:

  • Emergency/Safety: Including the protection of health and safety, repair of equipment essential to building operation, prevention or restoring of loss of function. The Work Control Centre will dispatch a dedicated member of our professional trades team immediately.
  • High/Rush: Including those problems which can cause escalating damage to facilities and property or which detrimentally affect departmental functioning.
  • Deadline: Including those problems which must be handled within specified time frames.
  • Routine: Regularly scheduled and routine demand maintenance services. Routine maintenance requests which directly affect occupant comfort will be given priority over chargeable requests within this category.

Preventive Maintenance

Facilities Management believes in being proactive in its maintenance of the campus and conduct preventative maintenance inspections of equipment, buildings, roads and grounds on a regular basis to help reduce possible failures.

How to Request Service