Mail Services

Facilities Management provides delivery and pick-up of both external and internal letter mail and parcels throughout the Fredericton campus. Mail from Canada Post is picked up early each day, sorted at our central campus mailroom, and delivered to the various faculty and departmental mailrooms on campus typically before 2:00pm. At this time all outgoing mail will be picked up and returned to the central campus mailroom for sorting, postage, and delivery to Canada Post.

All mail must be:

  • sent in proper envelopes, or in the case of parcels, must be securely wrapped.
  • Clearly and properly addressed.
  • External mail should include a university return address in the upper left hand corner, containing the name of the sender or their department as well as any other reference that may be necessary to ensure prompt return in the event of non-delivery.

Some special points:

  • Heavy mail, parcels and deliveries for the Bookstore and Graphic Services are typically delivered in the morning.
  • Every effort will be made to deliver Priority mail the same day it is received.
  • The UNBF mailroom provides a daily courier service to UNBSJ as well as the Province of New Brunswick, i.e. PO Box 6000.
  • The mailroom uses a computerized mail management system to allocate postage charges to individual departments on campus.
  • Please note that there is to be no personal mail from staff or faculty to be sent through the mailroom.
  • The UNB-F mail van is not staffed or equipped for deliveries other than mail and parcels. We ask that if your department requires a delivery of non-mail items to please contact our Work Control Centre and schedule the delivery with our Transport & Moving Services.
  • In the case of severe snowfall / ice, mail delivery may be delayed.

External Letter Mail

External letter mail should be properly sealed in the appropriate sized envelope. For current information regarding postal rates contact Mail Services at ext. (4823) or visit the Canada Post web site at Letter mail should not contain staples, paper clips or similar items. Enclosure of such items could result in damage to the mailing machines, damage to the piece of mail, or could cause personal injury.

Mail requiring any special services or handling, such as registered mail, courier or similar services, must be clearly marked, with instructions securely attached, and whenever possible, should be brought to the attention of Mail Services staff in a timely manner by email or a phone call. The use of 'Post It' notes or paper clips to attach instructions is not advised as these may not remain attached to the mail item and the required 'special handling' may not be applied.

Internal Campus Mail

Internal letter mail should be sent in appropriate re-useable internal envelopes.  The address should be clearly indicated, and the previous address should be crossed out. When directing mail to a department please ensure that there is a contact also noted on the envelope.

Internal mail envelopes can be used to send material between UNB departments and also to STU, NRC, RPC, Wood Science on campus.

Please note that there is no mail service to Magee House, Hugh John Flemming Forestry Centre, College Hill Daycare, or NBTA.

Bulk Mailings

Large mailings may be eligible for bulk mail discounts. To be eligible for such discounts mail has to meet strict requirements. On request, Mail Services will provide advice on proper procedures for mail preparation, quantity requirements and other criteria necessary.

Personal Mail and Parcels

IN-COMING Mail/Parcels:

Particularly in the case of parcels, if the nature of the item is in question, the Mail Room will contact the addressed recipient to verify the parcel is related to university operations, in which case the parcel will be delivered.  Should the parcel be of a personal nature, the recipient would be requested to personally pick up the item at the UNB Mail Room, located at 8 Garland Court, Enterprise Building #2.

OUT-GOING Mail/Parcels:

Personal mail/parcels, with or without postage applied, should not be routed through the UNB Mail Room.  The Mail Room is not a Canada Post outlet and therefore is not authorized, nor have the systems in place, to be able to sell postage to individuals.  It is inappropriate to have personal mail expensed to UNB.  Any outgoing personal mail arriving at the UNB-F Mail Room will not be processed and the sender will be advised to retrieve the item.

How to Request Service