General training

The Environmental Health and Safety Office regularly schedules training courses for employees in the required subject areas. Some of these are First Aid, C.P.R., evacuation procedures (fire drills), Dangerous Goods Handling (T.D.G.), Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (W.H.M.I.S.), Radiation Safety, fire extinguisher use and others as the need arises. Specific job training is the responsibility of the employee's department and/or supervisor.

WSNB seminars

Work Safe New Brunswick (WSNB) is responsible for administering the New Brunswick Occupational Health & Safety Act. Work Safe New Brunswick offer training seminars on a variety of subjects to employees on an ongoing basis. Environmental Health and Safety notifies the UNB Joint Health & Safety Committee employer and employee groups of these seminars.

SSNB courses

The Safety Services New Brunswick (formerly the New Brunswick Safety Council) is a non-profit, non governmental, registered charity dedicated to the elimination of injuries and accidents in the home and at the workplace. Courses are offered in Occupation Safety along with Traffic Safety. In addition, the Council delivers courses in Management Safety which involve Practical Loss Control Leadership and Supervisory Development Training.