UNB Reference Number: 7802
Authorized by: Thomas J. Condon, Acting President,
Effective Date: December 12, 1979
Revised: September 2001
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To outline procedures for handling fire emergencies.


All persons.


In case of fire:

  • activate the nearest wall-mounted fire alarm
  • telephone the Fire Department 9-911
  • telephone the Security Office
  • evacuate the building
  • do not use elevators
  • report to attending fire fighter or building warden

In case of fire alarm:

  • evacuate the building (even if the alarm is suspected of being false)
  • do not use elevators.

After evacuating a building do not re-enter until authorized by fire fighters, U.N.B. security officers, or building wardens. Cessation of alarm bell does not indicate that the building is safe to re-enter.

All smoke or fumes of undetermined origin must be reported to the Security Office.

Building evacuation procedures should be reviewed annually by individual building safety committees.

Report as soon as possible to the Physical Plant department any fire extinguisher that has been discharged.