Pet Animals

UNB Reference Number: 7834A
Authorized by: E. Parr-Johnston, President,
Effective Date: January 1997
Revised: September 2001
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To outline policy on pet animals in University buildings and on the grounds.


All University employees, students and visitors on both campuses.


Pet animals may pose a threat to some persons, create a disturbance, foul buildings and grounds, cause allergic reactions and are a potential source of infection to valuable research animals.


This policy addresses all animals kept as pets except those animals which cannot survive outside of confinement (ie. fish or other aquarium life). Service dogs for persons with hearing or sight impairment are the only exception to this policy. Animals used for teaching and research are addressed within Policy No. 7834.

The following procedures shall apply to any animal except as excluded above:

  1. Pets shall not be permitted inside nor tied outside of academic, administrative or service buildings at any time. This includes regular working hours, after-hours and weekends.
  2. Apartment residents within the Fredericton Campus Residence Community who presently have pets may continue to keep pets for the duration of their appointment or the ownership of the pet ie. a pet cannot be replaced. Those apartment dwellers on the Fredericton Campus taking residence after January 1997 will not be permitted to keep pets. Apartment residents on the Saint John campus are not permitted to keep pet animals. Students on both campuses occupying residence rooms are not permitted to have pet animals. Pets are not permitted in Magee House.
  3. Pets shall not be permitted on University grounds except when accompanied by a responsible person and restrained by leash or other suitable control mechanism.
  4. When pets are on University property, the owner shall be solely responsible for the actions of and any damage or injury caused by the pet. Pets which pose a nuisance by barking or which pose a threat to individuals on campus shall not be permitted to remain on University property.
  5. The pet owner shall ensure the pet is, at all times, in compliance with the appropriate city by-laws regarding domestic pet animals. Owners shall be responsible to remove animal waste deposited on University property.
  6. Upon complaint by a member of the University community, the Security office will investigate and initiate action to foster compliance with this policy.
  7. If any animal is or appears to be a stray, or if the owner can not be found or determined upon investigation by Security, Animal Control will be contacted