What if there is a Fire or Explosion?

Upon discovery of fire

  • Evacuate fire area immediately closing windows and doors behind you (do not lock the doors)
  • Activate fire alarm (pull box)
  • Leave the building using nearest safe exit or stairwell; do not use elevators; assist persons with disabilities; remain calm; assemble outside building entrance
  • Call fire department (refer to Emergency Phone Numbers)
    • Office phones: dial 9-9-1-1
    • Residence rooms: dial 9-1-1
    • Cell or wireless phones: dial 9-1-1
    • Provide: your name, phone number and location (UNB, building and room number)
  • Notify Security: dial 453-4830; use blue emergency phones, red emergency phones inside buildings or press direct access key on coin operated phones on campus.

Notify Security immediately if you extinguish a fire or to report smoke or fumes.

Upon hearing a fire alarm

  1. Leave building via nearest exit.
  2. Call Fire Department.

Fire Extinguishers

Use a portable fire extinguisher to extinguish small fires only. Do not use a fire extinguisher unless you have received training in its proper use. Report any fire extinguisher that has been discharged to Facilities Management at 453-4889 or by email.

Class of FireType of FireExtinguisher Type
Ordinary Combustibles Wood, Paper, Cloth A or A-B
Flammable Liquid Gasoline, Paint, Oil, Grease A-B, B-C or A-B-C
Electrical Equipment Electrical Wiring or Panel B-C or A-B-C
Combustible Metals Metals Bucket of Sand