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Brazil Update 2006

Celebrating Geography Awareness Week and Geomatics Day @ UNB, November 2006

GGE Recognized for its Contribution to the Province

Fall Graduate Seminar

GGE Alumnus Receives Prestigious Award from NASA

Faculty of Engineering Awards Evening

Geomatics Day 2006 at UNB

GGE Wins the First Annual Staff and Faculty Pumpkin Polooza

The Heron's Arctic Adventure 2006

21 GGE Students Heading to the CIG National Conference

UNB Makes Its Mark at Navigation Conference

Run for the Cure Chili Sale Another Big Success

Annual Pizza Party 2006 and Run for the Cure Bake Sale

FIG Publishes Sutherland and Nichols in Article of the Month

Farewell to François Anton

Department Surveys Historic Gun Battery

GGE Hosts a BBQ

Fifteen GGE Undergraduates Make the Dean's List

Encaenia 2006

GGE Student Awarded a 2006 Geomatics Atlantic Scholarship

GGE Students Win Geomatics Canada Scholarships

GGE Co-authored Paper Receives Best-in-Track Award at IEEE/ION PLANS 2006 Meeting

Marcelo Santos Elected President of CGU Geodesy Section

GGE Grad Lovett Lewis in Top 40 Under 40 for 2005

Former UNB Engineering Professor to Receive Honorary Degree at Encaenia

Sue Nichols Receives Merit Award

Summer Fellowship Program for Robbie Kingdon

GGE Student Wins APEGNB Student Paper Competition

Graduate Technical Conference 2006

Artu Ellmann Recognized for Distinguished Contributions

Old Gravimeter New Again

We're Number One ... Again

Four New Scholarships

Dr. David Wells Appointed Chair of Committee to Study Surgical Wait Times in New Brunswick

GGE Takes Delivery of GPS Signal Simulators

John Hounsell, Former Department Survey Technician, Passes

Dr. Michael Li Speaks on the Saint John Harbour Disposal Site

Joel Corcoran Receives ANBLS Undergraduate Award

GGE News Available via RSS

See Fredericton from Space in 3D

2005 Semi-Annual Graduate Seminar

UNB, IBGE Host Workshop on Geodetic Networks in Brazil

Faculty of Engineering Awards Evening

A New Scholarship for GGE Undergraduate Students

Eighteen GGE Undergraduates Make Dean's List

Dr. Adam Chrzanowski Coorganizing IAG Symposium

Mapping the Northwest Passage

UNB GGE Garners Two Best Paper Awards at ION GNSS 2005

Run for the Cure Bake Sale: Huge Success

GGE's Julie Baglole Helps Ecuador's Indigenous People

A Welsh Visitor

GGE Well Represented at Cairns Conference

Welcome to New Faculty and Support Staff

GGE a Hit with Shad Valley Students

Meredith Hutchison Wins Best Poster Presentation

Dr. Santos and Family Become Canadians

UNB Research Vessel to Map the Northwest Passage

Gang Hong Wins PCI Geomatics Award of GeoIntelligence

UNB Maps Lake Powell

GGE Student Wins 2005 Geomatics Canada Scholarship

Azadeh Koohzare Wins Best Paper Award

Former GGE Advisory Committee Chair to be Appointed to the Order of Canada

UNB Authors to Receive 2004 Intermap Award

NSERC Discovery Grants Success

Emeritus Prof. Petr Vaníček Granted Humboldt Award Follow-on

Employment Opportunity - We're Looking for a Geomatics Technologist

Willis Roberts to Receive Doctor of Science Honoris Causa

Dr. Yun Zhang Named UNB University Research Scholar

2005 Student Technical Conference

UNBF Researchers Study Space Weather with Super Computer

Commemorating the First Use of the Meridian Pillar Placed by William Brydone Jack

GGE Student Awarded Aquaculture Association of Canada Scholarship

Dr. Yun Zhang Wins 2005 Talbert Abrams Grand Award

UNB - Brazilian Institute Partnership on Land Project

GGE Student Leads UNB Fund-Raising for Asian Tsunami Relief

Visit from Codelco Copper Mining Company, Chile

Updated Dean's List for 2003-04

2004 Semi-Annual Graduate Seminar

Wendy Wells Moves to University Secretariat

Chrzanowski Becomes Life Member of APEGNB

Ivan Detchev Wins CHA Award

Professor Adam Chrzanowski Receives the Highest Academic Honour: Doctor Honoris Causa

Zhang Receives NSERC I2I Award

2004 Geomatics Canada Scholarship Award

Lunch With CIG

Run for the Cure

National Geospatial Framework for Brazil

Dr. Y. C. Lee Memorial Scholarship

Tenure Track Faculty Position Available at UNB

GGE Sweeps Geomatics Atlantic Scholarships

Fourteen GGE Undergraduates Make Dean's List

Prof. Y.C. Lee Passes

12th Annual Atlantic Institute Student Research Conference

Paul Burbidge Wins CIG John Carroll Geodesy Award

Rodrigo Leandro Wins Award at International Conference

Big GGE Presence at 2004 Geophysical Meeting in Montréal

Guidance Counsellors Visit Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Marcelo Santos visits Digby, Nova Scotia, Regional High School

A FIG Grant for Nkwae

Dr. Don Kim Recipient of CFI Funding

Kim and Langley Receive Prestigious ION Burka Award

Prof. Richard Langley Named ION Fellow

Record Number of GGE Papers to Be Delivered at ION GNSS 2004

New Scholarships

Prof. Yun Zhang Finalist for Prestigious Award

UNB GGE Meets Electronically with Institute of Navigation New England Section

GGE Graduate Student Travis Wert's Excellent Adventure in the Canadian Arctic

Iron Rings

Graduating Class Banquet 2004

2004 Student Technical Conference

Jason Bond Winner of NSERC Doctoral Canada Graduate Scholarship

Minor in Geomatics

Department of National Defence Visitor

GGE Team Explores Complex Earth, Sun Relationship

Timberwolves Visit GGE for Map Reading Badge

Association of New Brunswick Land Surveyors - Charity Auction Benefits GGE

Fall 2003 Student Technical Conference

Guatemala Delegation Tours Department

Chilean Delegation Visits Department

Frank Rack Named Director of Ocean Drilling Programs

GPS and the Aurora Borealis

Second Canada-Brazil Lessons Learned Symposium

A Half Century of Global Satellite Navigation Systems from 1965 to 2015

Kim and Langley's Research Hits the Cover of October 2003's GIM International

Matthew Chandler Awarded a Scholarship by Focus

Anna B. O. Jensen Visits Department

CSL Heron in Town for Hands-On Experience

Marine Cadastre Issues Discussed at UNB

Hughes Clarke Participant in 25.7 Million Dollar ArcticNet NCE

UNB and the Northwest Passage Centenary

CCGE Hosts Mini-Workshop on New Technologies in Engineering Surveys

Fourteen GGE Undergraduates Make Dean's List

Mixed Feelings on Linda O'Brien's Departure

Beth-Anne Martin and Shawn Benteau Scholarship Winners

Undergraduate Exchange Agreement with Hong Kong Polytechnic University

UNB Geomatics Program Accredited by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Leo Hayes Grade 12 Students Geocache at UNB

New GGE Course-Only Masters of Engineering Option

Dave Wells in the News Again

Kouchibouguac Site of 2003's Practicum II

UNB Hydrographer-in-Residence Elected GEBCO Chair

Congratulations to Beth-Anne Martin

Ping Ping Xie Wins NSERC Scholarship

UNB Signs Research Agreement with Japanese GNSS Technology Institute

Dave Coleman Portrait Hanging

Duncan Moss, Ordnance Survey, Visits the Department

NSERC Discovery Grant Recipients

Department Seeks RICS Accreditation

UNB GGE a Big Player in U.S. Hydro 2003 Conference

New GPS Receivers

Angus Hamilton Lecture 2003 - Geographic Profiling

2003 Student Technical Conference

Yun Zhang and Family Become Canadian Citizens

GGE Publications Now Available on CD

Christine Delbridge Winner of GeoConnections Competition

Bronwyn Cox Wins ACLS Trip

John Hughes Clarke on Discovery Channel

John Hughes Clarke Tests Multibeam Sonar Survey Suite for Royal Navy

Everything Old is New(s) Again

Earl Epstein is 4th Fulbright Chair in Property Studies

Dare Receives CFI Certificate

Boipuso Nkwae Awarded Two Scholarships

Monahan Involved in Law of the Sea

Coleman Attends CFI Book Launch

Retreat 2002

Celebrating Geography Awareness Week and Geomatics Day, November 2002

You've Never Seen Fredericton Like This Before!

The Five Daves - Together at Last!

Multi-Media Lab and Demonstration Room Opens

GGE Featured Prominently in President's Installation Report

Costa Rica Delegation Visits GGE

Adam Chrzanowski Awarded Degree of Doctor Honoris Causa

UNB Signs Licensing Agreement with PCI Geomatics

Hydrographer in Residence Defends Thesis

Two GGE Students' Projects Selected for PCI Geomatics Image Gallery

Record Jump in Number of New GGE Students

Welcome Back Students!

UNB GGE Image Featured on Front Cover of GIM International

Congratulations to Geomatics Atlantic Scholarship Winner Julie Baglole

State of the Art GPS Guidance Software Developed at UNBF

Centre for Property Studies Course in Costa Rica

A Day on the Heron

Hat Changes

Peter Dare Recipient of Canada Foundation for Innovation Funding

McElhanney Creates New Undergraduate Scholarship for Cadastral Studies

New Agreement Signed

Future Directions in Geomatics

GGE 2013 Practicum II - 2002

GGE Well Represented at FIG/ACSM/ASPRS Congress

NSERC Post-Graduate Scholarship Winners

First Annual Student Technical Conference Held

Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering Opens

President-Designate Visits Department

GGE's John McLaughlin Nominated by UNB Senates, Board as Next President

Boipuso Nkwae Winner of Guma Fellowship

Sutherland Goes National

GGE's Sam Ng'ang'a Wins $5000 Alberta Land Surveyors' Association Scholarship

Old Macs Never Die

Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences Honours Adam Chrzanowski

Engineering Faculty Announces Dean's List for 2000-2001

Ocean Governance GEOIDE Network Meets

Girls Day Out

Fall 2001 Semi-Annual Technical Conference

GGE Students at Atlantic Oil and Gas Innovation Forum

Michael Sutherland Down Under

Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering and Focus Corporation Form Strategic Alliance

Dr. Yun Zhang Makes a Splash in Local Press

Visiting Brazilian Student Wins Best Paper in Session at ION Meeting

Welcome to Dave Carney

First Nation Research on the Back of a Bike

GGE (SE) 40th Anniversary Reunion

Boundaries are Making Waves at GGE

John Hughes Clarke Awarded Canada Foundation for Innovation Grant

Geographical Data Acquisition

UNB and UNESP (Brazil) Exchange Agreement Signed

GGE Students Sweep Geomatics Atlantic Scholarships

Kevin Pegler Wins First GEOIDE Research Scholarship

Vaníček Awarded Professor Emeritus

Katie Komjathy in Seoul, Korea

GGE 2013: Practicum II - 2001

Sam Ng'ang'a Winner of Board of Governors' Merit Award

Establishment of the Canadian Centre for Geodetic Engineering

Martin Winner of Canadian Engineering Memorial Scholarship

NSERC News: UNB Engineering - Best in Canada! All Department Applicants Receive Grants

Dave Wells Joins Navigator of the (U.S.) Navy Subject Matter Expert Team

Three New Faculty Members Awarded NSERC Operating Grants

Y.C. Lee's GIS for the Curious Now on CD

2001 Dineen Memorial Lecture

Undergraduate Enrolment Up

Samson Ng'ang'a Wins Geomatics Canada Scholarship

Dave Taylor Distinguishes Himself at Paper Competition

Technical Conference a Success

GGE Student on Winning Junior Curling Team

High-tech Navigation Subject of Dineen Memorial Lecture

Pagiatakis Named Acting Director of Geodetic Survey Division

Langley Named to NRC Committee

Visitors from Laval

Canadian Council of Land Surveyors Accredits our Program

Russian Delegation Visits the Department

Gaggle of New Adjunct Professors Appointed

Rima Ammouri Commended by City of Fredericton

International Cooperation Agreement Signed between East China Normal University and UNB

November 2000 Semi-Annual Student Technical Conference

International GIS Day at Fredericton High School

Dave Wells, André Godin Recipients of U.S. Navy Superior Public Service Awards

Wolfgang Faig Receives Honorary Designation of Dean and Professor Emeritus

Congratulations to Geomatics Atlantic Scholarship Winners

Navigation Symposium: A Strong UNB Presence

Welcome Back Block Party a Success

Peter Dare and the International Merv Project - 2000

GGE one of the Sponsors for Digital Earth 2001 Symposium

Petr Vaníček Appears in Canada at the Millennium: A Trans Cultural Society

Prof. Liu Shuren Department Visitor

John Hughes Clarke Down Under for RAN Sea Trials

Welcome to Dr. Peter Dare

Homecoming 2000 (by our roving correspondent, Kim Delorey)

Educational Alliance has First Meeting

How Larry Got to Meet Bill Clinton

Mapping Beneath the Reversing Falls

Congratulations to John McLaughlin

Stockholm Challenge Prize Nomination for Rima Ammouri

GGE Students Learn by Doing

2000 Angus Hamilton Lecture

Prof. Langley in the News - Again

Richard Langley Wins Merit Award

Five Geomatics Canada Scholarships Awarded To Our Students

2000 CIG Student Paper Competition

Anita Spence NSERC Scholarship Winner

"Number 1 Since Year 1"

Visiting French Student Develops GPS-based Vehicle Tracking System

Welcome to New Faculty: Marcelo Santos and Yun Zhang

Prof. Langley in the News

Message from the Department Chair: A Sea Change

David Wells Bound for the "Playground of the South"