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Current students

Electrical Engineering student advising

For up to date information on courses, electives, orientation sessions, and study abroad programs please visit the Electrical Engineering Advising D2L site.

Lab schedule

For most courses you will need to see your course instructor for the specific days for each lab you will be asked to perform.

If you have any questions about the ECE lab schedule see your course instructor.

Security card access

For labs: H114, H117, ITB205

Access is given for the purposes of course/research work and must be approved by your course instructor or graduate supervisor prior to submitting a request for access. Once approval has been granted your Student ID card will open the Lab door.

Access will only be granted for one of the following purposes:

  • Lab TA
  • Undergraduate student requesting short-term access to a lab for a class project. Course instructor permission is necessary.
  • Senior design (ENGG4000 Electrical Design Section) student requesting access to a lab for a senior design project
  • Graduate student research

Access may be requested by completion of the lab access request form (please allow 24 hours for the system to update the approval).

To qualify, you must:

  • Obtain prior permission from your course instructor
  • Include the course name in the "Reason(s) for access" field
  • Choose a reasonable expiry date
  • Choose Troy Lavigne from the Sponsor's Name drop down list

UNB Robotics Competition

Sixteen teams from across Canada compete head-to-head for the grand prize in an exciting and educational engineering challenge at the annual ECE (UNB) Robotics Competition, which is hosted by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Microsoft Azure (formally Microsoft Imagine)

Updated Sept 6, 2019: The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering subscribes to Microsoft Azure, which puts Microsoft tools in your hands. If you are a student enrolled in an ECE undergraduate or graduate degree program, you likely already have access to Azure. Nearly every Microsoft product, excluding Microsoft Office, is made available to you. Login and authentication will be via your UNB account.

To access Microsoft Azure:

  • Go to
  • Please click on the blue Sign in button.​
  • Enter your e-mail address along with your password.​
  • Click the radio button to agree with the new terms and conditions. Next page will be the Education Hub.

Student development studio

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering sponsors the ECE Student Development Studio (SDS). The SDS hosts workshops, seminars and student events. It has equipment, computers and workbenches and is located in Old Engineering room H106.

Undergraduate forms

Graduate forms

Visit the School of Graduate Studies for the following:

  • Graduate student course change form
  • Graduate independent study course form
  • Request for change of status form
  • Application for leave of absence
  • Student travel grant application
  • Apply to graduate

Graduate resources

Association of electrical engineering graduate students (AEEGS)

AEEGS is a departmental chapter of the Graduate Student Association and is comprised of all graduate students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. AEEGS organizes industrial tours, activities, information sessions and the occasional meet-and-greet. AEEGS also serves to keep ECE grad students apprised of any important functions or policy changes on campus which could affect you.