Publications, Projects, & Initiatives

Feasibility study for a four-year online Degree for the Atlantic Region

Academic Papers and Publications

Sherry Rose and Pam Whitty Valuing Subjective Complexities: Disrupting the Tyranny of Time
For publication in Re-situating Canadian Early Childhood Education with Peter Lang, Pacini-Ketchabaw, V. & Prochner, L.  (Eds). (2012).
Anne Hunt and Pam Nason Pedagogy as an ethical encounter: How does it look in our professional practice?
In Anne Campbell & Pat Broadhead (Eds.), Working with children and young people: Ethical debates and practices across disciplines and continents.  London: Peter Lang. (2011).
Sherry Rose and Pam Whitty Where do we find the time to do this?  Struggling against the tyranny of time.
Published in Alberta Journal of Education, Volume 56, No 3 (2010).
Pam Whitty Responsibility with and to other: Deconstructing and re-conceptualizing children, childhoods, and early childhood literacy curricula.
Published in Journal of Curriculum Studies, Volume 42, No 2 (2010).
Pam Whitty and Luigi Iannacci Early Childhood Curricula: Reconceptualist perspectives. Detselig Enterprises. (2009).
 - Folding ethical-textual tensions: Explorations in curriculum writing.  By Emily Ashton.
 - Lion and landscape: Embracing multiplicities inside schooled spaces. By Sherry Rose.
 - Curricular conversations and meaning-making within/across modernist-post foundational spaces. By Pam Whitty.

Academic Presentations

Sherry Rose and Pam Whitty Re-imagining Being with Children and Adults.
7th Annual Early Childhood Education Forum, Halifax NS. (2012)
Sherry Rose and Pam Whitty Curriculum Inspired Spaces:  Transforming Our Existing Social Relations?
International Innovations in ECE - A Canadian Forum on Early Childhood Frameworks. University of Victoria. (2012)
Pam Whitty Children as Citizens in their own Right
Ideas of Liselott Marieet Olsson: Movement and Experimentation in Young Children's Learning
Visiting Scholar in Residence, Grant MacEwan University, February 2012. 
Pam Whitty Creating spaces: shifting the private into the public: panel with L. Iannacci, V. Pacini-Ketchabaw, and R. Stooke.
Neoliberal Assembly in Early Childhood Education Entanglements of Politics and Ethics, CSSE, May 2012. 
Pam Whitty Thinking-rethinking  approaches to researching, co-constructing and making use of early childhood curriculum documents.  
8th Annual International Qualitative Conference, University of Illinois, May 2012. 
Sherry Rose Creating a culture of collaboration and inspiration.
Nunavik Childcare Directors Meeting, Kuujjuaq, QC, March 2012. 
Pam Whitty, Sherry Rose, Anne Hunt, Emily Ashton Complicating integration: curricular implications.
Presented at CSSE, University of New Brunswick, May 2011, 
Pam Whitty Changing Landscapes: Joiinging Up Early Childhood with Education at Valuing Children.
A Canadian Conversation: National Conference, Saint John, NB, 2011. 
Sherry Rose, Pam Whitty and Ann Sherman Examining Complexities: Evoking Solidarities: Learning to be with....; Learning to act on stage and off; Acts of support? Acts of subversion?
Presented at Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Education Conference, University of East London, October 2011. 
Pam Whitty and Sherry Rose Multimodal Literacies; Possibilities
Keynote at Identity & Digital Texts: Sites of Possibilities.  Centre for New Literacies, Sheffield, Uk, 2010. 
Anne Hunt and Pam Nason Colliding discourses: Negotiating spaces to enact pedagogy as an ethical encounter.
Presented at Early Childhood Curriculum,  Policy and Pedagogy in the 21st Century, University of Chelmsford, 2010.
Sherry Rose Re-imagining ourselves through narrative documentation.
For whom and what are we documenting -
video vignettes
Keynote at ECDA Early Childhood Conferences, Charlottetown, PEI, October 2010.
Sherry Rose and Pam Whitty Curriculum Support Site: providing multimodel possibilities.
Presented at CSSE, Montreal, May 2010.
Sherry Rose and Pam Whitty Multimodal flights with/in an official curriculum making process.
Presented at Changing Face of Literacy Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.  University of Winchester, July 2010.