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Combined Master's Accelerated Program

A faster path to a Master of Computer Science degree

Undergraduate students in the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BScCS) honours programs can follow a streamlined path to graduate studies in computer science.

This is accomplished by:

  • Linking the research experience in the undergraduate honours thesis with the preparation for a research proposal in the graduate program
  • Taking graduate-level courses as an undergraduate

The BCS/MCS & BScCS/MCS accelerated program is not a joint or concurrent degree program. The academic requirements of both degrees are independent and must both be satisfied.

Admission procedure

Application forms are available from the graduate office in the Faculty of Computer Science. You must apply for both the accelerated program and graduate studies.

Both applications are due prior to the start of the student's final year (4th year for regular, 5th year for co-op and PEP students). Upon approval, a conditional acceptance to the MCS program will be offered, which becomes unconditional upon satisfactory completion of the BCS degree with honours or the BScCS degree with honours.

Admission requirements

Applicants must:

  • be registered in a BCS honours program at UNB Fredericton, or the BScCS honours with specialization program at UNB Saint John;
  • have a CGPA of 3.5 or better at the end of three years into the program (six study terms);
  • have a supervisor for CS4997 (honours thesis) with the understanding that the honours thesis research leads to the MCS thesis research under the same supervisor. The expectation is that part of the honours thesis will lead to the proposal of the MCS thesis.

Program requirements

Once approved for the accelerated program, you will:

  • Have the option to register for one, and possibly two, approved graduate-level courses (for which the prerequisites are met) that are extra to the BCS or BScCS degree program (i.e., marked with an “X”). This is not essential, and must only be done with full approval of your supervisor and academic advisor;
  • Begin the MCS research in the term immediately following completion of the BCS or BScCS degree requirements, based on work started with the CS4997 work, and under the supervision of the CS4997 supervisor;
  • After entry into the MCS program, complete the requirement of a minimum of four graduate-level courses (at least three of which must be 6000-level courses);
  • Satisfy all other requirements for the MCS program;
  • Have a plan in place, in consultation with your supervisor and the director of graduate studies, to complete the MCS program within one year after entry;
  • Apply for a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship (NSERC PGS-A) during the fall term preceding the expected entry date into the graduate program, if eligible for this prestigious scholarship.