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Bits & Bytes

Gain new experience and knowledge every Monday from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. These sessions are open to all students and no prior sign-up is required.

Winter 2020 Schedule

February 3
Session: Hippos, Diapers, and Liars or What you don't learn at school about working in UX
Presented by: Jules Maitland

February 12
Session: A Piece of CUSEC: key skills you learn at the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference
Presented by: Sean Lalla and Téa Fazio

February 24
Session: Career path twists and turns
Presented by:​ Rory Bray, IBM

March 16
Session: Making Computing Discoveries: An Intro to Research and Grad Studies in Computer Science
Presented by:​ Dr. Patricia Evans

March 23
Session: So you want to be a Game Developer?
Presented by:​ Jeff Mundee

Past events

January 21
Session: Good Passwords Are Hard, Here is How To Make Dealing With Them Easier
Presented by: Chris Eaton

January 28
Session: Agile Software Development - Advanced Topics
Presented by: Vardan Matevosyan

February 4
Session: How to make Friend (in the industry) : a presentation on social engineering
Presenter: Jacob Pauley

February 11
No Bits & Bites

February 18
Holiday - No Bits & Bites

February 27
Session: How To Prepare For A Career In Tech
Presenter: Ed McGinley

March 4
Holiday - No Bits & Bites

March 11
Session: Git: Advanced Usage and Inner Workings
Presenter: Brandon Richardson

March 18
Session: An Overview Of Machine Learning
Presenter: Josh Watson (Presentation/Resources)

March 25
Session: To Trust or Not To Trust AI: That's The Question!
Presenter: Wilco Van Ginkel

April 1
Session: What I learned During my Co-Op term As A Scrum Master
Presenter: Hannah Meneley

April 8
Session: Containers in the Modern World
Presenter: Vikky Jitwani (

October 7
Session: Using Arduino and Processing to Make Custom I/O
Presented by: Ian Smith, UNB FCS PhD Student

October 14
Thanksgiving Holiday - No Bits & Bites

October 21
Session: No Bits & Bites

October 28
Session: An Introduction to Rust
Presented by: Yoann Arseneau

November 4
Session: Efficient and Privacy Preserving Edit Distance Query Over Genomic Data
Presented by: Yangdong Zheng

November 11
Remembrance Day - No Bits & Bites

November 18
Session: No Bits & Bites

November 25
Session: Starting a Business 101
Presented by: Book Sadprasid

December 2
Session: The Unique Challenges of Cyber Security in the Operational Technology Domain
Presented by: Peter Adamson and Nathan Bruno

Jan. 15
Session: Protecting Your Digital Identity and Assets
Presenter: Trevor Flynn (Bulletproof)

Feb. 5
Session: Unhealthy Security State of e-Health Systems
Presenter: Dr. Ratinder Kaur (CIC Sponsored)

Feb. 12
Session: 3D Printing - From Bits to Plastic
Presenter: John Peterson

Feb. 26
Session: Web Development with React.js
Presenter: David Leger

March 19
Session: Cloud Language Runtimes and Satisfaction of Service Level Objectives

March 26
Session: Analyzing Road Accidents with Big Spatial Data
Presenter: René Richard

April 9
Session: Agile Software Development with Scrum
Presenter: Vardan Matevosyan

October 1
Session: CS Square Kick Off
Presenter: CS Square Team

October 15
Session: What to Expect From a Career in Tech
Presenter: Brian Dunphy (Cvent)

October 22
Session: What is Blockchain?
Presenter: Matthew Sampsom (TME)

October 29
Session: Learn PSOA RuleML: Object-Relational Data and Rules Illustrated by Blockchains
Presenter: Harold Boley (professor & author)

November 19
Session: Test First: the key to saving time and writing better code
Presenter: Julie Anne Moore (Introhive)

November 26
Session: A world without passwords
Presented by: Trevor Flynn (Bulletproof)

December 3
Session: Importance of Computer Science in Social Problem Solving
Presented by: Connor Wilson

Jan. 23
Session: Fall Wrap Up and Winter Kick Off Information Session
Presenter: CS Square Team

Jan. 30
Session: An Introduction to OBD: Programming with your Car
Presenter: Sam Jesso (Autobit)

Feb. 6
Session: Free Productivity and Development Resources for Students
Presenter: Trevor Flynn (Bulletproof)

Feb. 20
Session: Border Gateway Protocol Basics and Internet Peering
Presenter: Eric Morin (f6 networks)

Feb. 27
Session: Actor-oriented Programming of the JVM with Scala/Play/Akka
Presenter: Aaron Broad and Aditya Aggarwal (Siemens)

March 20
Session: Digital New Brunswick
Presenter: Gerry Fairweather (New Brunswick Government)

March 27
Session: Microservices
Presenter: Howard Powell and Karla Pooley (Blue Spurs)

April 3
Session: Detecting Dark Web
Presenter: Arash Lashkari (Research Associate at the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity)

Sept. 25
Session: CS Square Kick Off
Presenter: CS Square Team

Oct. 2
Session: Current Cybersecurity Trends: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Presenter: Sandy Bird (IBM)

Oct. 23
Session: Energy Data Opportunities
Presenter: Sara Mudge (NB Power)

Nov. 6
Session: How to Achieve Efficient Range Query over Encrypted Data in Cloud
Presenter: Dr. Rongxing Lu (UNB Professor)

Nov. 13
Session: Startup or Corporate? Choosing the Right Company to Work For
Presenter: Dr. Mostafa Karami

Nov. 20
Session: From agents to buses: building a research startup
Presenter: Dr. Luigi Benedicenti (UNB)

Dec. 4
Session: Secure Approximation of Edit Distance on Genomic Data
Presenter: Dr. Dima Alhadidi

Jan. 25
Session: Building Static Websites with Jekyll
Presenter: David Leger

Feb. 8
Session: Testing Tools in Ruby: RSpec and Cucumber
Presenter: Aaron Tabor (FCS)

Feb. 15
Session: Data Mining the Human Body Presenter: Dawn MacIsaac (FCS)

Feb. 22
Session: Want the Best Job in Security? Here is What You Need to Know
Presenter: Elaheh Biglar Beigi (Raytheon)

Feb. 29
Session: IT challenges in NB health industry
Presenter: Ashley Hyslop (Accreon)

March 17
Special event: East Coast Startup Week
Presenter: Brent Macdonald (co-founder and CEO of Xiplinx Technologies Ltd.)

March 21
Session: VizWik: The Design of a Controlled Data Flow Programming Language
Presenter: Simon Gauvin (VizWik)

April 4
Session: Oculus Prime: Transforming Into Virtual Reality!
Presenter: Chris Hazzard (FCS)

Sept. 26
Session: Business Skills for CS Students
Presenter: Danny Orozco (SWE Student)

Oct. 3
Session: What is Git, and Why Should You Use it?
Presenter: David Leger (SWE Student)

Oct. 24
Session: Web based mapping using OGC Standards for applications in Health and Energy
Presenter: Eddie Oldfield (QUEST)

Oct. 31
Session: Smart Grid Data Challenges
Presenter: David Beauvais (SG2B Electric)

Nov. 7
Session: ShareLaTeX: An Online LaTeX Editor
Presenter: Leah Bidlake (FCS Professor)

Nov. 14
Session: Introduction to the Cloud with Amazon Web Services
Presenter: Karla Pooley and Eric Tucker (Blue Spurs)

Nov. 28
Session: Cybersecurity: Challenges and Opportunities
Presenter: Ali Ghorbani (FCS Professor)

Dec. 5
Session: What I Wish I Knew When I Started My Career
Presenter: John Cotter (Cvent)

Jan. 19
Session: When One Language Fails: Examples with RSS
Presenter: Ryan Wark

Jan. 26
Session: History of Cryptography
Presenter: Xandria Richman

Feb. 2
Session: Why Python?
Presenter: Richard Killam

Feb. 2
Session: Using Data Mining to Create Actionable Intelligence Towards Solving Customer Churn
Presenter: James Stewart

Feb. 9
Session: Introduction to Regular Expressions
Presenter: Sean Seeley

Feb. 23
Session: Encrypting You Communication
Presenter: Mohammed Mamun

March 16
Session: Fundamentals of Computer Networking
Presenter: John Peterson

March 23
Session: So you have your own idea/software... how do I protect it?
Presenter: Ken Kent

Sept. 28
Session: Getting the most out of git
Presenter: Aaron Tabor

Oct. 5
Session: Exploring data with EKL (Elasticsearch, kibana, logstach) stack: A quick tour from zero to analyze data in less than a hour
Presenter: Hugo Gonzalez

Oct. 19
Session: Building servers with Node.js
Presenter: Scott Bateman

Oct. 26
Session: Optimization - The Last Thing You Should Do
Presenter: Joey Bernard (Acenet)

Nov. 2
Session: Neat Photoshop tricks that you don't know
Presenter: Rob Blanchard

Nov. 9
Session: Getting Started with Kaggle Data Mining Competitions
Presenter: James Stewart (Raytheon)

Nov. 16
Session: Starting a Business... How We Did It
Presenters: Phillip Curley, CEO of HotSpot Parking Inc., Kayley Reed, Co-Founder of Wear Your Label, and Josh Ogden, Co-Founder of Castaway

Nov. 17
Session: Insight for a Better Planet

Nov. 18
Session: So, Does Your Great Tech Idea Have Business Potential?
Presenter: Yan Simard, CEO of Zaptap and serial entrepreneur

Nov. 18
Session: FCNB Full Sail - Crowd Funding Equity

Nov. 18
Session: Panel Talk: Populus Global - Timbre Cases - Mycodev

Nov. 19
Session: Red Rover Brewery Tour

Nov. 19
Session: GEW Fireside Chat: Making Social Entrepreneurs - Is It Even Possible?
Presenters: Dr. Thomas Mengel and Sara Taaffe

Nov. 20
Session: The Real Story of Real Food Connections
Presenters: Levi Lawrence (President & Co-Owner of Real Food Connections)

Nov. 20
Session: Networking Event

Nov. 30
Session: The Physical & Logical Make Up of the CS Network

Sept. 2
Session: Introduction to Latex
Presenter: Hazel Webb

Sept. 29
Session: Introduction to Android Programming
Presenter: Jesse English

Sept. 29
Session: Introduction to Latex
Presenter: Hazel Webb

Oct. 6
Session: Introduction to TCP/IP
Presenter: John Peterson

Oct. 20
Session: Creating Mobile Apps with Phonegap
Presenter: Randy Mills

Oct. 27
Session: Introduction to Python Presenter: Hugo Gonzalez

Nov. 3
Session: Real-time access to tweets via the Twitter Streaming APIs in Python
Presenter: Paul Cook

Nov. 24
Session: Automated Testing with Selenium
Presenter: Randi Watson