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About College Hill Early Learning


College Hill Early Learning is an association run by its members: the children's parents and staff. With that responsibility, parents are strongly encouraged to participate in the global operation of the daycare centre.

There are several ways for members to participate, which they may discuss with the Executive Director, Board of Directors, and/or their child’s teachers.

Members will be elected to serve on the Board of Directors. This body makes and approves all decisions for the operation of the daycare centre. It represents the interests of parents of all affiliations, needs and backgrounds.

Member obligations


  • Providing exceptional early childhood education in a safe and nurturing environment
  • Being a progressive and proactive organization in our curriculum, information dissemination and parental involvement
  • Developing partnership with parents/families through open communication, professionalism, teamwork and co-operation
  • Developing innovative programs that promote a love of learning
  • Being a multicultural community
  • Employing qualified early childhood educators

Vision statement

College Hill Early Learning Co-op is a place where:

  • Children are valued for their wonder, curiosity, perspectives and ability to lead their own learning
  • Educators build on learning that came before and lay the groundwork for learning that will come after
  • The staff are valued for their role in keeping the children's fascination alive by promoting a love of learning creativity and fostering independence
  • There is acceptance and compassion for differences among people
  • Children have the time, space and freedom to explore and investigate their interests and ideas
  • Each teacher uses an array of techniques, materials and activities to bring about the child's total and unique growth
  • Educators create a community where the children come to know that the group is valued, the individual is respected and that each person has a responsibility with the class
  • We are all partners in education and continued growth of the children
  • We support each other, sharing the same vision and encouraging the same goals for your child


Campus child care has been an issue at the University of New Brunswick since the mid-1980's.

In 1988, a survey of faculty and staff of UNB outlined the need for a campus daycare centre. These results became part of a proposal to UNB to study its feasibility.

In April 1992, the University of New Brunswick Day Care Working Group convened. They refined the proposal for the daycare centre by adding budgets and floor plans. The Day Care Working Group formed a "User Committee" to give direction to the architect. Plans were developed to accommodate participants in an integrated daycare centre.

Incorporation documents were filed with the New Brunswick Department of Justice in December of 1992. The association was incorporated March 11, 1993.

When filing for incorporation, the Board of Directors wanted to ensure that families would have an active involvement in all aspects of the centre. The corporation is constituted as an independent non-profit association, incorporated by membership. The membership consists of parents/guardians of the children and staff of College Hill.

On March 15, 1994, the finance committee of the Board of Governors approved the construction contract. In the spring of 1994, major financial contributions were made by UNB, STU and other University groups. The center is a University of New Brunswick building which was leased to College Hill Daycare Co-operative Ltd.

The day care centre opened on Sept. 6, 1994.

In 2019, College Hill Daycare Co-operative Limited, became a Designated Centre by the Department of Education and changed their name to College Hill Early Learning Co-Operative Limited to highlight our commitment to early childhood care and education.