Teaching Resources Network

What is the Teaching Resources Network?

The Teaching Resources Network is a pilot project that creates a network of instructors and professors who can serve as disseminators of information related to teaching & learning and as resource people in their Faculties. They are nodes in a network committed to teaching & learning. Each node has been given access to Faculty Focus Premium, a rich repository of teaching resources.

This project aims to:

  • increase the dissemination of information related to teaching & learning
  • involve more people in discussions about effective teaching & learning
  • connect people having a strong interest in teaching & learning so that they feel supported
  • reward those who have shown great devotion to teaching & learning by giving them free access to an excellent resource

In the original proposal, it was hoped that at least one instructor or professor per Faculty would be identified. Due to lack of volunteers, some Faculties do not have a node or have fewer than originally intended; other Faculties have more participants that originally intended. Each node has been given a one-year subscription to Faculty Focus Premium, which can serve as a primary source of information to share with colleagues.

Why was the Teaching Resources Network created?

Two of the main challenges to faculty development are communication and credibility. Email from CETL can be used to communicate some teaching & learning information on our campus, but if messages are too frequent, they will be less likely to be read. Direct communication from a colleague, one who understands the topic being taught and the culture of the discipline, is more likely to have a big impact. By providing access to Faculty Focus Premium for a network of people, we provide them with resources to communicate teaching-related information that is relevant to their peers, sowing the seeds for enhanced teaching in their department or Faculty.

Who are the Teaching Resources Network nodes?

Node Faculty-Department Building email (@unb.ca)
Cindy Brown Arts - History Tilley cins
Scott Ronis Arts - Psychology Keirstead sronis
Leah Bidlake Computer Science Gillin leah.bidlake
Paul Cook Computer Science Gillin paul.cook
John McLoughlin Education Marshall d'Avray johngm
Howard Li Engineering - ECE Head Hall howard
Gobinda Saha Engineering - Mechanical Head Hall gsaha
Yves Losier Engineering - Mechanical Head Hall ylosier
Jasen Golding Forestry & Env. Man. Forestry & Geology jgolding
Michelle Gray Forestry & Env. Man. IUC Forestry mgray1
Ken Seaman Kinesiology LB Gym kseaman
Gabriela Tymowski-Gionet Kinesiology LB Gym tymowski
Siobhan Hanratty Libraries HIL hanratty
Karen Ursel Nursing Moncton site kursel
Nancy Doiron-Maillet Nursing MacLaggan ndoiron
Susan Anderson Nursing Moncton site c5375
Dan Blustein Science - Biology R.N. Scott Hall dan.blu
Ann Timmermans Science - Earth Science Forestry & Giology ann.timmermans
Patrick Reynolds Science - Math & Stats Tilley p.reynolds
Ben Newling Science - Physics IUC Physics & Admin bnewling

Each node has made a commitment to:

  • stay abreast of resources made available through Faculty Focus Premium
  • share with colleagues information and resources that could be of interest or beneficial to those colleagues. This may take the form of informal conversations, emails, discussions at departmental or Faculty meetings, webinar viewing gatherings, etc.
  • meet with other nodes and the project coordinator at least 4 times during the year to discuss activities
  • keep the project coordinator abreast of efforts.