What's New In D2L Brightspace? - December 2018 Release Notes

Below, you'll find the top items in the December, 2018 Continuous Delivery Release for D2L Brightspace. These updates will be live on the third Friday of the listed month:

Assignments - Improved evaluation experience | Updated

The Evaluate Submission page has been updated to improve the evaluation experience for instructors with the following features:

Quizzes - Quizzes display in full screen | New

Quizzes now display in full screen. When a learner clicks Start Quiz, the navbar disappears. This provides additional screen space for the quiz by removing unnecessary navigation elements from view.

Widgets - Visual updates to My Courses Widget course tiles | Updated

To provide added value and ease of use to the My Courses widget, the following changes are now available with the widget course cards:

  • New status indicator for Inactive and Closed states for courses
  • Cleaner layout of course name, code, semester, and dates
  • Course notifications are sorted by tool. When a user hovers on the notification icons, a tooltip provides more information.


For a complete list of the items in the December 2018 Continuous Delivery Release, Click Here.