Diana Austin - Joyful Dialogue

Diana Austin, Faculty of Arts

Diana Austin, professor of English at UNB, says the kind of teaching she aspires to is a collaborative ‘joyful dialogue’.

“One overarching goal is the desire to engage and retain students in ways that might make a difference in their lives, if not now, then later. I want to engage students by creating a collaborative atmosphere in the classroom and on assignments, and by teaching them in ways that help them participate – in the classroom, and in the larger society”.

And students respond to that joyful dialogue by nominating her for more awards, with high instructor evaluations, and even coming back years later to talk about the effect her teaching made in their lives.

Current student Ashley Joyce senses the different atmosphere in her classroom, “She’s like a coach in your corner who is always pushing you to be better, and to be the best student that you can be and to do the best work that you can do”.

Diana Austin was honoured recently with the highest teaching recognition in the country – the 3M National Teaching Fellowship.