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Our Graphic Arts Design Services are provided for a wide variety of print and web related apps including custom digital design for logos, brochures, booklets, catalogs, postcards, business cards, banners, newsletters, posters, presentation folders, mailers, pdf flip booklets, and digital image editing, flexographic printing design for labels and more. Printing estimates available.

Do you need your precious photo memories, treasured greeting cards, your postcards or letters professionally scanned digitally?

We scan and archive all images to a cd, dvd or flash drive. You can also save the scans to your own external back up devices for safe keeping.

Protect your memories digitally!

Our Scanning service deatils

We will scan your favourite color and b&w photos, slides, news clippings, receipts certificates, awards, old greeting cards and more... for safe keeping on cd, dvd or flash drives where you can store in a safety deposit boxer different location to prevent a loss in case of fire or flood or other damage!

Our three scanners give you the ability to produce high quality results: from print quality of 300 or 600 dpi to web quality at 72 or 150 dpi for online use. (300 to 600 dpi files are very large and very slow loading for the internet. They are commonly used for printing. We recommend 72 or 150 dpi for online use.) Choose which category fits your needs when placing your scanning order. Maximum size is currently 11*17in.