Hardware Repair

Technical Services will either perform or facilitate the repair of technology that has been purchased through us (see Purchasing).  Turn-around time can vary depending on work load, complexity, part availability, and manufacturer support.  In some cases we can provide pick-up and delivery service for repairs. Please contact Classroom Support to arrange a hardware repair request.

We can repair of facilitate the repair of:Hal Dalzell (Senior Technologist)

  • Smart Classroom Technology
  • Audio-visual Equipment
  • Multimedia Equipment
  • Videoconferencing Equipment
  • Interactive Whiteboards (Smart Boards)

There is no labour charge for this service; however, parts over $40 and consumables (such as lamps and batteries) will be charged to the respective department.  We reserve the right to refuse service for brands or models that have not been purchased with our recommendation, or for equipment that we deem beyond reasonable repair (end-of-life).