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We are located in room 125 of the Eaton Multimedia Centre in Marshall d'Avray Hall (10 MacKay Drive).

Ken Reimer, Director - CETL (506)453-4670
Nancy Fitzpatrick, Project Coordinator (506)453-4645
Susan Pugh, Administrative Assistant (506)453-4704
Classroom Technology &
Dave Kell, Director - Classroom Technology & Services (506)458-7632
Kevin McDonough, Manager of Classroom Technology Infrastructure (506)458-7664
Roger King, Manager of Technical Services (506)453-5013
Hal Dalzell, Senior Technologist (506)458-7661
Kenny Englehart, Classroom Support Technician (506)447-3407
Lingchao Fu, Classroom Support Specialist (506)458-7658
Rebecca Ham, Equipment Services Coordinator (506)458-7139
Michael Holmes-Lauder, Classroom Support Specialist (506)447-3399
Rodrigo Gutierrez-Hermelo, Media Lab Manager (506)447-3400
Eric Hill, Media Lab Assistant (506)453-5171
Nancy Wood, Audio Visual Assistant (506)453-5171
Media Services
Joy Cummings, Director - Media Services (506)458-7657
Rob Blanchard, Production Assistant (506)458-7659
Heather Marmura, Media Production Assistant (506)453-5051
Brendan Mittelholtz, Media Design Coordinator (506)452-6273
Teaching & Learning
Magdalen Normandeau, Director - Teaching & Learning Services (506)452-6329
Bev Bramble, Instructional Designer (506)447-3080
Emily Clark, Instructional Technology Specialist (506)458-7272
Neil Cole, Acadmic Advising Support Coordinator (506)458-7603
Jeff Mundee, Instructional Technology Specialist (506)452-6288
Peter Gross, DUT Coordinator (506)453-4704

Mailing Address

Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning (CETL)
University of New Brunswick
P.O. Box 4400
Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3