Learning Film Techniques

Tony Merzetti

Tony Merzetti asks the students in his Digital Film Production class to complete a number of technical exercises designed to familiarize them with different kinds of film equipment. Merzetti says he and his students find many of the necessary resources at CETL’s Equipment Pool. 

"It’s wonderful in helping the students realize their goals.”

3 Point Lighting

Merzetti’s course introduces students to the building blocks of digital film production in the areas of camera, lighting and sound. Students work individually and in groups learning the features of the digital film cameras while also doing exercises in types of shots, composition, selective focus, and camera movement. They experiment with a variety of microphones to learn the features and uses of each; one assignment asks them to test the differences between shotgun, omnidirectional, and wireless microphones. Students also learn three point lighting, white balance control and have the opportunity to try their hands at some creative lighting. 

Having a variety of sound, camera and lighting equipment available allows students to learn the core skillsets they need for future work in the film industry. “In order to learn the principles and practices, it’s great to have everything available here on campus,” says Merzetti. “The depth and breath of equipment has been upgraded over time to match film standards. I think students are appreciative that they have this equipment pool… it’s wonderful in helping the students realize their goals.”