We solve problems, generate fresh ideas, and provide the right tools for effective and engaging learning experiences.

Ken Reimer"As the Director of the Centre for Enhanced Teaching & Learning, I encourage you to access our skilled team members. CETL is an integrated group of educators, instructional consultants, educational technologists, media specialists, photographers, videographers, audiovisual technicians, and classroom design specialists.  We support the various players on campus who are involved in providing an exceptional and transformative experience for our students.

Within this web site you will find many excellent and practical resources and links to the team members who love to work collaboratively and to push the boundaries on what’s possible."

Ken Reimer, Director
Centre for Enhanced Teaching & Learning

Our CETL goals are:

  1. To promote a strong culture of teaching & learning excellence
  2. To help educators and faculties develop and deliver excellent courses and curricula
  3. To support educators' use of instructional technology and media
  4. To facilitate the development and use of exceptional teaching & learning spaces, both physical and virtual.