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Program courses

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LWSO 2003 Law and Society (3 ch)

Introduction to the Canadian legal system and the role of law in organizing social relations and structures. The course surveys the foundations, forms, and functions of legal institutions, the law-making process, and actors in the legal system. Theoretical perspectives on the role of law in society are introduced through discussion of contemporary issues.

Note: Students who have taken LWSO 4003 before September 2018 will not receive credit for LWSO 2003.

LWSO 4003 Seminar in Law and Society (3 ch) [W]

This seminar engages in an advanced in-depth analysis of contemporary topics in the field of socio-legal studies. The focus of the course will vary from year to year. Prerequisite: LWSO 2003.

LWSO 5000 Honours Thesis in Law and Society (6 ch) [W]

Directed reading and research leading to an Honours thesis on a topic in Law and Society. Students will consult with the Coordinator in finding a suitable topic and thesis supervisor. Prerequisite: LWSO 2003. Pre/co-requisite: LWSO 4003. Limited to students admitted to the LWSO Joint Honours program.

Core courses

*designates courses offered at UNB Saint John

ADM 3123 Business Law I
*BA 2703 Business Law I (UNBSJ)
ADM 4826 Employment Law
CLAS 3923 Roman Law
ECON 3845 Introduction to Law and Economics
HIST 4851 Law and War
LWSO 2003 Law and Society
LWSO 4003 Seminar in Law and Society
PHIL 3331 Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish
POLS 1503 Law, Power, and Politics
POLS 3251 Canadian Federalism
POLS 3257 Law and Politics in Canada
POLS 3282 The Canadian Political System
*PSYC 3263 Psychology of Criminal Behaviour (UNBSJ)
PSYC 3343 The Psychology of Crime
SOCI 1603 Criminology
*SOCI 3610 Criminology/Theories and Perspectives in Criminology (UNBSJ)
SOCI 3613 Theories and Perspectives in Criminology
SOCI 3636 Restorative Justice
SOCI 4336 Families, Law & Social Policy
SOCI 4337 Legal Responses to Family Violence
SOCI 4355 Sociology of Law
*SOCI 4613 Sociology of Law (UNBSJ)

Elective courses