Regular Faculty
Adjunct Faculty
  • Steven Dutcher (Adjunct Professor, Canadian)
  • Bonnie Huskins (Adjunct Professor, Canadian)
  • Janet Mullin (Adjunct Professor, Early Modern Britain)
Contract Academic Instructors
Research Associates
Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Colin Grittner (Political, Legal, and Cultural histories of nineteenth-century Canada)
  • Sara Spike (Cultural histories of rural communities and coasts in Atlantic Canada)
University of New Brunswick-Saint John historians
  • Cheryl Fury (Maritime Europe; Tudor-Stuart England; Reformation Europe; Crime and Punishment)
  • Debra Lindsay (19th century United States, Transnational Science, Gender and Science)
  • Gregory Marquis (Canadian Criminal Justice History)
  • Robert Whitney (Latin America, Cuba in the Twentieth Century)

*The UNB Graduate Academic Unit is comprised of regular faculty on the Fredericton campus and most of the historians in the UNBSJ Department of History and Politics.

Retired Faculty
Saint Thomas University historians

 * UNB History faculty collaborate regularly with the historians of Saint Thomas University.  STU historians are Honourary Research Associates in our Graduate Program, which allows them to supervise fields, co-supervise theses, and serve on defence committees.

Department Administration
Elizabeth Arnold
Misty Chisholm, Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Arnold, Graduate Studies Administrative Assistant