The Sam Orr's Pond Project

The 2004 UNB Field School at Sam Orr’s Pond, was the first UNB archaeological field school in over a decade. The field school was directed by Dr. Susan Blair, and Ms. Pam Dickinson, and involved 10 undergraduate and graduate students.

Sam Orr's ond photo 1

The major themes of the project were community-based archaeology, coastal site salvage, and geoarchaeological research. During the project we explored several pre-contact era coastal sites that are located within the Caughey-Taylor Nature Preserve, one of the preserves of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick.

Sam Orr's Pond photo 2

This preserve is in Bocabec, near St. Andrews, New Brunswick. It contains most of Sam Orr’s Pond, a unique ecological setting consisting of a set of interlinked brackish-water systems. At the primary excavation site, BgDs-15, we discovered an actively eroding midden deposit that contained large quantities of soft-shelled clam, utchered animal bones, and the remnants of a small open hearth. Preliminary analysis suggests that these may represent a specialized food processing area, a place where approximately 1000 years ago, ancestral Passamaquoddy people rought shellfish, small bony fish, and large game to be butchered and smoked or dried.

Sam Orr's Pond photo 3