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UNB-UNE Downeast Coastal Archaeology Field School

May 27 – June 21, 2020 | Trescott, Maine (USA) and environs

  • 3 credit hours
  • Certified RPA-4 by the Register of Professional Archaeologists

Contact: Gabe Hrynick gabriel.hrynick@unb.ca

The Downeast Coastal Archaeology Field School investigates cultural transitions among coastal hunter-gatherers from ca. 2200 BP to contact, focusing on Cobscook Bay. This period encompasses the Middle to Late Woodland transition, which has attracted attention throughout the Northeast because it has often been viewed as the beginning of Indigenous village life described in European early historic accounts.

In the Far Northeast, horticulture was not practiced until after European contact, offering an opportunity to consider Woodland period culture change in a similar environment to elsewhere in the Northeast but absent horticulture as a presumed determinant. Understanding this time period in the Far Northeast is important because it was one of the earliest areas of prolonged European contact, and therefore set the stage for subsequent Indigenous and European histories in North America.

The field school includes four weeks in the field in coastal Maine.

The field weeks are supplemented by:

  • evening lectures
  • laboratory training
  • day field trips

Students will receive instruction in excavation techniques, surficial and intertidal survey, basic photography, mapping, and record keeping. In addition, all students will participate in the collaborative aspects of the project.