Michael Duffy

Associate Professor



Bailey Hall 163



Academic interests

  • Parasitology
  • The parasites of wildlife and aquacultured fish
  • Wildlife Diseases

Current projects

Research serves to integrate parasite diversity and life history, aspects of the ecology of parasitism of wildlife, mechanisms of infection, epidemiology, host responses to infection, pathology, and parasite identification and diagnosis (morphological, immunological, molecular tools).

  • Invasive parasite of American eels - non-lethal diagnostic tools to promote conservation and eel population recovery.
  • Ectoparasitic lice on Atlantic salmon – investigating aspects of environmental change and anthropogenic factors that contribute to infestation. Investigating spatiotemporal aspects of infection and potential multigenerational impacts on salmon.
  • Parasites of fishes - zebrafish as a model host for investigation of immune responses to parasitic organisms.

Courses taught

  • BIOL 3058 Genetic Analysis Laboratory
  • BIOL 3311 Immunobiology
  • BIOL 4211 Marine Research Experience
  • BIOL 4691 Biology of Marine Parasites

Selected research

Frenette A.P., T. J. Benfey, M.D.B. Burt, and M.S. Duffy. 2022. Experimental Loma morhua (Microsporidia) infections reveal early-onset production implications for Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) aquaculture. Aquaculture 529: Article 737663.

Lynn, T.J., J. Jeong, and M.S. Duffy. 2020. Bet hedging and cold-temperature termination of diapause in the life history of the Atlantic salmon ectoparasite Argulus canadensis. Parasitology 147:1774-1785.

Frenette. A.P., M.D.B. Burt, and M.S. Duffy. 2020. Quantitative polymerase chain reaction offers improved diagnostic and analytical sensitivity in identifying differential microsporidium (Loma morhua) infections among family lines of cultured Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Aquaculture 527: Article 735416.

Frenette A.P., T. Harrold, Paul Bentzen, Ian Paterson, Rene Malenfant, George Nardi, M.D.B. Burt, and M.S. Duffy. 2020. Loma morhua infections in Atlantic cod reveal relative parasite resistance and differential effects on host growth among family lines. Aquaculture 522: Article 735111.

White, C.F.H., M.A. Gray, K. Kidd, M.S. Duffy, J. Lento, W. A. Monk. 2020. Prevalence, intensity and spatial distribution of Salmincola edwardsii on brook trout in northwest New Brunswick, Canada. Journal of Aquatic Animal Health 32:11-20.

Frenette A.P., M. Eydal, H. Hansen, M.D.B. Burt and M.S. Duffy. 2017. Integrative approach for the reliable detection and specific identification of the microsporidium Loma morhua in the Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 64:67-77.

S.Purdy, L. Gagliardo, S.Lefman, P. Hamel, S. Ku, T. Mainini, G. Hoyt, K. Justus, L. Daley-Bauer, M. S. Duffy, and J. Appleton. 2012. Analysis of heavy-chain antibody responses and resistance to Parelaphostrongylus tenuis in experimentally infected alpacas. Clinical and Vaccine Immunology 19:1019-26.

Duffy, K. R., M. S. Duffy. 2011. An In Situ Method for the Examination of Calcium-Dependent Proteolysis. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 201:333-39