John Valk



Renaissance College

Maggie Jean Chestnut 130

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Other titles

Part-time Instructor, Protestant University of Darmstadt (Germany)


  • BA. Calvin College (1975): Sociology
  • MPhil. Institute for Christian Studies (1979): Philosophical Theology
  • MA. University of St. Michael's College (1981): Theology
  • PhD. University of Toronto (1989): Religious Studies

Renaissance College courses

  • RCLP 1011 Worldviews Religion and Cultures
  • RCLP 2020Formative Learning Portfolio II
  • RCLP 4040Summative Learning Portfolio III
  • RCLP 2042 Science and Society

Research interests

Worldviews, Worldviews and Education; Worldviews and Inclusive Education; Worldviews and Leadership; Religion; Science and Religion.


Valk, J., Albayrak, H., & Selçuk, M. (2017). An Islamic Worldview from Turkey: Religion in a Modern, Democratic and Secular State.  (New York: Palgrave-Macmillan).

Valk, J. Worldviews In and Around Us: A Framework Journey into Knowing Self and Others. (In progress)

Book chapters

Valk, J. & Selçuk, M. (2018). "An Islamic Worldview: A Worldview Framework Approach to Religion in a Modern, Secular, Democratic State", in Sion, T., Astly, J., Francis, L. and Lankshear, D. Values, Human Rights and Religious Education: Contested Grounds. Oxford: Peter Lang. (Forthcoming)

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Refereed journal publications

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