Lisa Thomson

Part-time Instructor

Renaissance College


Other titles

Sociology, Department of


  • PhD. Candidate, Sociology, University of New Brunswick (expected 2020)
  • Masters of Public Administration, Dalhousie University 2011
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce, Lakehead University 2006

Renaissance College courses

  • RCLP 1021 – Concepts of Enhanced Personal Wellbeing
  • RCLP 3054 – Mindfullness

Research interests

Broadly, Lisa's research interests fall into 3 overlapping areas:

  • sport and society
  • the sociology of work
  • societal and individual health and well-being

Specifically, Lisa's PhD. dissertation looks at the influence and effect of emotional labour demands on group fitness instructors and, generally, what this relationship can tell us about not only the impact of neoliberal health practices on individuals but also the changing understanding of precarious work and the emergence of the 'side hustle'.

Academic publications

  • Thomson, Lisa. (2016). Review of the book Negotiating Identity: Symbolic Interactionist Approaches to Social Identity, by Susie Scott. Canadian Journal of Sociology, Volume 41 (3).
  • Thomson, L. (2015, July). Crunching Identities: Group Fitness as a Place for Identity Construction. Paper presentation at the Sixth International Sport and Society Conference, Toronto, Ontario.
  • Thomson, L. (2015, April). Deadlifting in Place: A Gendered Understanding of Group Fitness Spaces Paper presentation at the University of New Brunswick Graduate Research Conference, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
  • Thomson, L. (2015, March). Squatting for Results: Autoethnographic data in group fitness. Presentation at the Faculty of Sociology Brown Bag Speaker Series, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

When not researching, writing, reading, thinking, analyzing, evaluating and critiquing sport, work and society, Lisa spends her time teaching group fitness classes and dreams of running marathons again someday.