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Lisa Thomson

Part-time instructor

Renaissance College

Maggie Jean Chestnut 201



  • PhD. Sociology, University of New Brunswick (expected completion 2021)
  • Master of Public Administration, Dalhousie University 2011
  • Honours Bachelor of Commerce, Lakehead University 2006

Research interests

Broadly, Lisa's research interests fall into three overlapping areas: sport and society, the sociology of work, and societal and individual health and well-being.

Specifically, Lisa's PhD. dissertation looks at the influence and affect of emotional labour demands on group fitness instructors and, generally, what this relationship can tell us about not only the impact of neoliberal health discourses on individuals but also the changing understanding of precarious work and the emergence of the “expert service worker.”

Teaching areas

  • Introductory Leadership Forum
  • Concepts of Enhancing Personal Well-Being
  • Mindfulness
  • Sociology of Gender
  • Sociology of Work
  • Sociology of Heath, Illness & Well-Being

Academic publications

Low, J., & Thomson, L. (2021). Symbolic Interactionism and the Myth Of Astructural Bias: A Textual Defense and Illustrative Advice. Canadian Journal of Sociology, 46(2), 97-120.

Bombak AE, Hughes K, Riediger N, Thomson L. "'Mommy-see, mommy-do': Perceptions of intergenerational 'obesity' transmission among lower-income, higher-weight, rural Midwestern American women." Food & Foodways (submitted for review)

Thomson L. "Fitness Instructors as Devotee Workers: an expansion of devotee work." Manuscript in preparation for submission to Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Book reviews

Thomson, Lisa. (2016). Review of the book Negotiating Identity: Symbolic Interactionist Approaches to Social Identity, by Susie Scott. Canadian Journal of Sociology, Volume 41(3) 433-436.

Conference presentations

Bombak AE, Turner A, Chinho N, Thomson L, Burk C, Sheehan J. (2020, June) Intersections of Weight Stigma in New Brunswick Marginalized Communities. Paper accepted for presentation at the International Weight Stigma Conference, Auckland, New Zealand. (moved online due to Covid)

Bombak AE, Turner, A, Chinho N, Thomson L, Burk C, Sheehan J. (2020, April) Intersectional Weight Stigma and Coping Mechanisms Among Marginalized Groups in New Brunswick. Paper accepted for presentation at the Canadian Public Health Association Public Health 2020, Winnipeg, MB. (moved online due to Covid)

Thomson, L. (2019, November). They last an hour: Relationships in Group Fitness Classes. Presentation at the Faculty of Sociology Brown Bag Speaker Series, Fredericton, NB.

Thomson, L. (2019, May). I Spend More Time Picking Out My Workout Outfit: Bodies as Sign Vehicles. Paper presentation at the Qualitative Analyses Conference, Fredericton, NB.

Thomson, L. (2015, July). Crunching Identities: Group Fitness as a Place for Identity Construction. Paper presentation at the Sixth International Sport and Society Conference, Toronto, Ontario.

Thomson, L. (2015, April). Deadlifting in Place: A Gendered Understanding of Group Fitness Spaces Paper presentation at the University of New Brunswick Graduate Research Conference, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Thomson, L. (2015, March). Squatting for Results: Autoethnographic data in group fitness. Presentation at the Faculty of Sociology Brown Bag Speaker Series, Fredericton, NB.

When not researching, writing, reading, thinking, analyzing, evaluating, and critiquing sport, work, and society, Lisa spends her time teaching group fitness classes and dreams of running marathons again someday. Lisa is also the mother of Olive, Ruby, and Royston and spouse to Anthony.